The Waiting Game

27 10 2008

I don’t have too much to post today. Lately my life has been a waiting game. Waiting for the clock to hit 5 and work to end (I am still here till the 15th). Waiting for a position to decide my future. Waiting for an email to send, a new resume to get reviewed; waiting for a response from someone, anyone.

Mostly waiting for this one position to finally get back to me. It’s probably not the best thing that I am putting my hopes into one basket (hopes, eggs, same thing right)? But with this economy and the phrase “you’re fired” being heard more often than “you’re hired” is making optimism hard to come by.

I’m going back and forth between “no news is good news” and “why do you, always want to give me the runaround.”

I’ve become the desperate girl waiting for the boy from one good date to call. Digging through my purse at every vibration, praying that an email has come in, or perhaps that missed call will be the unknown 818 number I am so desperate to see.

Tell me, since when did applying for work become so much like dating?


“Layin” around?

24 10 2008
Is it though?

Is it though?

Well, I was hoping to write something funny, and be happy that it is friday. AND I still am, although today is tainted with some not so great news.

I was officially laid-off today.

I can’t say that I am that surprised. Not because of my performance or because of my skills. I have some mad skilled. HAHA.
But times are hard. The economy is failing and I work for a small business that revolves around an up-and-coming technology. My career is also one that is not always necessary, especially for smaller businesses. Marketing is usually one of the first to go when a company cuts costs. So, bye-bye Monkey.

I have never mentioned it but I cant say that I am all that surprised.

I have never mentioned it but I can't say that I am all that surprised.

Lucky for me my boss let me go with finesse. I was told all the good things. My work was invaluable. I have exceeded a lot of expectations. They are sad to have to do this. They will be more than happy to give a recommendation for me while I look for more work. And of course, they will be keeping me on payroll for another three weeks. I will remain here at work until November 15 closing off a few projects.

Of course money is going to be tight and scary. I have stocks I can cash in (which I WAS saving for my move)… inheritences that I was saving to purchase a home in the future… I don’t want to touch them. Im praying that this new job comes through sooner than later. That something happens for me and all will be ok.

I just don’t know if I should “touch-base” now with the potential new position right now. I don’t want to harrass them, but they said they would get back to me early this week and I have yet to hear from them. NOW I do know they had a HUGE event on Wednesday so I have chalked up the silence to stress and busy schedules. That is usually the case for them not getting back to me when they say they are going to. And the last email I got was somewhat promising. I would hope they wouldn’t tell me they would let me know “their status and next steps” if they had absolutely no intention of taking me on. The “their status” part makes me a bit uneasy but the “next steps” part gave me hope. I keep hoping “their status” meant more along the lines of time frame and salary versus a yes or no.

On a brighter note, should they hire me I would hope for a Jan 10 start date. My dad wants to do the drive across the country with me. How cute would that be. Or hair pulling. Dad loves road trips. My poor car. Me, my dad and the dog. FUN! But it really would be. My dad and I have fun together.  When the Gators went to the National Championship  in 2006 my dad surprised me with tickets to Arizona and the game and we had a BLAST together. Hes a young 50 and totally partied it up with me. SO a road trip together wouldnt be the worst way to say goodbye.

Mom, No one knows what you are doing….

22 10 2008

So I have absolutely no idea what to post today. But I feel as though I owe everyone a post. And a pleasant one at that – especially seeing as my past post was so, well morbidly depressing (and selfishly so). Of course it is my blog and I am well beyond my means to have a sad day on the occasion, and took my fair share of them. Unfortunately I couldn’t figure out what to do. I didn’t feel like posting about art today. While I find that uplifting, I didn’t really want to go the educational route. I promise, eventually, I’ll get into art. I thought about starting into my research project, but I’m at work and really just did not feel like taking up THAT much time doing that. Albeit my strong desire to do ANYTHING BUT work.

So, I figured I would go for some cheap laughs, steal some if you will, and in doing so I would let you into my own life a little bit as well as honor some of the mommy’s on this board. Especially seeing as one new on here probably needs a bit of recognition. Not in a sympathetic way though. In my opinion, and this IS just me, and this IS my blog so of course, in the main posts what I say does go, sympathy is not always wanted. But sometimes humor can take that edge off. So, brilliant here we go.

I have always had a relatively, interesting relationship with my own mother. Friends, not friends, friends. More often than not though we are buddies. But I guess the real interest comes from the fact that I, for all intensive purposes, can be relatively air headed and have the tendency to say some relatively interesting things. I invite you into an actual conversation of ours:

(Via Instant Messanger – I save some of our better conversations, I’ve changed the SNs for privacy purposes)

Me: So I went to Publix today to get a sub and the chick behind the counter was such a bitch

Mom: ok?

Me: I wanted a veggie sub

Mom: There is a point right?

Me: Shut up, yes. So, I told her I wanted lettuce, tomatoes and onions and prov. And she said there were out of tomato… I was like WHAT are you talking about. This is PUBLIX you aren’t out of tomato. That’s impossible.

Mom: You’re an idiot.

Me: uhm, noooo. Shhh Im not done. So I walked over to the produce and got a tomato and said here and she made me a sub with tomato! 😀 It was all good!

Mom: No, you are an idiot. They’ve recalled all the tomatoes because there is an e-coli scare going on

Me: Oh. Uhm. Maybe I’ll get sick and lose weight.

Mom: I swear, they swapped you with someone at the hospital.

My brother and I also have a tendency to enjoy yo-momma jokes at our mothers expense. Whether or not she is there. We picked this up from our cousins. Poor Mom right? Anyway. The point. One of my favorite websites is called Post Cards From Yo Momma. Let me know if the link doesn’t work btw. Below I’ve included some of my alltime favorites. Mostly because they remind me of actual conversations I’ve had with my own mother.

Mom: So when we come to Sydney can we stay at yours?

Mom: Hello?

Me: Oh. Sure. Well, actually there are a number of awesome hotels just a two minute walk from my house. I’ve just emailed you a bunch of links. Have a look! Am happy to book any of them for you. But, yeah, of course you are welcome to stay at mine, if you really want to.

Me: Mom?

Mom: You were welcome to stay in my uterus for nine months, and then my house for 17 years. But I understand, a week at your apartment might be a bit … much. 😀

Me: Don’t you passive-aggressive-smile-face-ME, woman.

Mom: Fuck off. Love you – M.


Me: I’m piercing my nose

Mom: Fine, I’m not raising your illegitimate children.

Me: What?

Mom: You’ll pierce your nose, get a trashy boyfriend and end up with illegitimate children. You and your trashy boyfriend are not living in my house, and neither are your kids.

Me: Wow mom, thanks for the credit. Clearly that’s the natural progression after piercing your nose.

(actually I had this exact conversation with my mom except the catalyst was my getting Nemo, I don’t have any facial piercings)

Mom: It’s funny, I leave food out for the dogs all day and they don’t touch it. They wait until I’m there and then they gorge it all down. They’re like, ‘Karen’s home! Time to eat!’

Me: They call you Karen? Doesn’t that bother you?

Mom: Well, they know I’m not their mom. Actually, I’m sure they have some special name for me in dog-language that I don’t understand, but I’m sure it is very respectable.

Backstory: [this woman is] almost 40.

Mom: Where are you today?

Me: Lynchburg, Virginia

Mom: Oh that sounds fun.

Me: I’m going to run and get a salad for dinner

Mom: Are you leaving the hotel?

Me: Yes.  I’m going across the street

Mom: Well don’t talk to strangers

Me: Thanks, I missed that in pre-school.

Mom: One of these days someone will kidnapp you and I’ll have to get money together to get you back.

So, What are some of the more humorous moments with your kids? Or with your mothers?

Not my usual quirky self today

16 10 2008

Yes. The title is a warning. This may be a pity party. Which is selfish. Considering reading everyones comments. Well browsing. You go away for a few days and you miss a lot. You also start a blog and its surprising how much harder it is to keep up! But the point is, realistically I shouldn’t complain. I don’t have the worlds most obnoxious in-laws. I don’t have monetary worries. OK well, I do but I’m fortunate to know I won’t REALLY have to worry – at least not in the short term. I don’t have to worry about loved ones moving far away (on the contrary, I may be the one doing the moving). I have potentially exciting events that may happen (more on the interview soon) and yet. Here I am fighting back tears.

The trip that was supposed to fix everything, or at least help us gain perspective, did help us with perspective – but perhaps not the kind that we wanted. Or at least not the kind that I wanted. I’m not supposed to look at one happened as negative. I mean. Airing things out should be looked at as good, right? Realizing there are problems, acknowledging them and making a conscious effort to work on said problems is always a positive. So how come I just don’t feel so positive.

The first day was terrific. Well the first night, first day and second night. Even the second morning. Couldnt be happier to see each other. Then it all went downhill. The fighting wouldn’t stop. Over big things, little things, everything. I couldn’t stop doing the wrong thing and he couldn’t stop getting annoyed with me. I was hyper sensitive and couldn’t quit crying.

Ever the comedian he shot this when I wasn't paying attention. Me being a crybaby. Dark picture. How artistic?  Im actually not upset that the picture was taken. He takes pictures of me all the time without me knowing.

Ever the comedian he shot this when I wasn't paying attention. Dark shot, how artistic and dramatic... lol. It really is fitting for this post.... But what good am I if I can't poke fun at myself. And yes. I smoke. Guilty as charged.

Total cry baby. I don’t even know what we fought about half the time but the concensus was things weren’t good anymore. Fighting like we were… like we do lately… not normal. We said we wanted to figure things out but is it worth it? I’d get mopey because I was sad and that would put him off. Id try not to cry which would MAKE me cry. I never felt so distant from him.

He explained he felt like we were moving 100 mph and wanted to slow down to 60. That everything we were about to start doing was for the good of us. He felt pressured.  He felt I was more concerned with the relationship, with our status, than with the real issues at hand. That perhaps we don’t know each other as well as we though we did. I said I felt like everything I did was wrong. I had no room for error. He had no patience with me. This can’t be the makings of a good relationship. And yet we kept saying we wanted to figure it out. We care about each other. Like each other. I like him – a lot. Immensely. He IS my favorite person. There is physical attraction and there are… were?… sparks. When we aren’t fighting we are laughing and enjoying each others company.

Normally we speak every morning. He didn’t want to this am. He was tired. I am trying not to take it personally, although its hard. First day home and I haven’t spoken to him properly. I guess it’s part of slowing down. He says he does want to work toward something real… although he wants to do it the right way. I just don’t know what that means anymore. Im very confused. I feel pretty lost. And hurt. Im supposed to believe and trust that he cares about me. Im trying to. Before I left he hugged me tight. Said that we would see each other again. That he DID want to work on us. Work on what was wrong. Figure it all out. That he would miss me. That I would be back soon. Hugged me tight. But was he saying what I needed to hear? Or was he saying what he meant?

The interview went really well. I should find out in a few days. Basically I’ll be a currator for the company. The company itself is very family style. Everyone is very friendly and laid back. The office itself is beautiful. I met with the founder, the president and the head of the marketing department. I love the job description and i dunno. I think because my head is so clouded right now I can’t really think straight. They told me they would let me know in a few days. I REALLY hope I get this position. The president asked where I wanted to live and gave me suggestions in respect to commute times. I thought that was a good sign. We did discuss potential start times (not specific dates but general time periods) and I went over basical salary ranges with the person who would be my supervisor should I get hired. We went over my duties, hours, compensation, benefits, bonuses. The whole nine yards.

Only time will tell. For everything. My future rides on the unknown. I hate not having control. And right now, I control nothing.

Rain, rain GO AWAY

9 10 2008


Well, ok don’t get me wrong. I love the rain. I guess I am just a bit paranoid. JUST got the car back and its been pouring since I woke up.  Not cool! At least I parked my car on the side of the street that didn’t get AS flooded last time. Not to say it wasn’t bad. Hopefully I can get what I need to get done here fast and then be able to get out of my neighborhood. I CANNOT afford another trip to the dealer!!! They make fun of me there. They said I have paid for my car twice by now hahaha. 

I just got the car back and it's ALREADY flooding again. Oy!

I just got the car back and it is already flooded again! OY! This is the view from my window.

I’ve been laying in bed since 9 am this morning. What should I be doing? CLEANING. UGH. I hate cleaning. Really I do. Boo and I actually talked about it once. It would make more sense for him to be a stay at home pops than it would for ME to be a stay at home mom. I mean assuming one could afford to stay home with baby. He is neat, organized and a much better disciplinary than I am.  (not that we are planning anything… nor are we close to THAT point!) He was here for a few days and the Puptard was listening to him better than me. Speaking of pup tard. He’s staring at me. He wants to go out but its ankle deep out there already. I’m gonna have to drive the car to my door and then carry him out again. I know you guys would love to see that but taking a picture of that one is a bit tougher. 


If I hide long enough, the dirt won't find me!

If I hide long enough, the dirt won

So I am hiding under my covers. I don’t want to get out and clean. I have so much to do before I leave town tomorrow. Clean the whole apartment. OK OK its a studio. But its split into rooms so its LIKE cleaning an apartment. Albeit a lil one. I have to pull out everything I want to pack and then sort what needs to be cleaned and what doesn’t. Tackle the kitchen. I WANTED to throw away the trash but I can’t if it’s raining like this. I hope it clears up at SOME point today. I don’t want garbage sitting in my house for a week! EEEWWWW. Normally I set it in the alley behind my apt (back door that opens to alley) and when It’s worth the trip I take it out. It prevents my apartment from smelling and, well, Im lazy! I hate going to our dumpster. Its scary. And there are a lot of strays. I am not a cat fan. OK so what else is on the agenda. I have to pick up my slacks from the tailor, go to Walgreens and pick up some things up, including the last little bits of the TOC survival kit! (Have I shared that with you guys yet?), get some things for the dinner party tonight (yyeeaaa) and then go to my parents. So why all this NOW?


My cousin is potentially house sitting and dog sitting for me. He and I basically get together three times a

Hes a bit older in this shot (taken just now). And a bit chunkier. OK a lot chunkier. He loves his Turkey Jerky

 week, maybe four on the occassion, and play scrabble. We played Tiger Woods 2007 last night and I whomped him. Im actually relatively good at that game.

He wants to try and train the mutt. And he is stuck at his mothers house for the time being. We are down the street from each other and hes older than I am so the opportunity to stay on his own was relatively endearing. Plus he loves my dog. (Then again with a face like this who can resist). He always has a 
“huh” face going on. My little cutie patootie.  

Hey! The rain stopped. YAY!


Anyway. So yes. Must clean for apartment sitting cousin. Then the pants for interview (eep). Actually a few of you may have heard of the place I am applying at. Lucky Strike. There is a location in NY (and they are opening another one soon Janey! End of this month) and one in Seattle (there are 19 throughout the US and Canada). It’s a bit much for the kids (more of an adult hang out… full bar, restaurant, bowling, music, art, fun!) but it might be up your “alley” Janey. HAHAHA im funny. During the day its a family fun place, but I believe at 10pm they switch to 21+, or maybe 18. I forget. 
At the position I would get to work with artists. A dream! I am a bit obsessed with Pop Surrealism and Lowbrow art. I’ve been collecting since I was a little girl. In leu of presents my parents buy me a work of art every year. Its fabulous and I hope one day I can get my own kids involved in the art world. My brother is an

This is Ryden-esque but there are a lot of key features in the painting that point away from his work (The eyes and nose on the girl, for one). The Teddy Bear is very Ryden though. I just can't figure out who did this painting.

This is Ryden-esque but there are a lot of key features in the painting that point away from his work (The eyes and nose on the girl, for one). The Teddy Bear is very Ryden though. I just can

artist, I want to work in an art and cultural field within my career (Marketing/PR) and my parents host an event every year called Roving Fridays where they open up one of their lofts/warehouses to local artists to show their work. They do it through the company my mom works for (realty) and my dad is an outside partner. Its fabulous. Bacardi sponsors it. I was raised in a bit of a socialite world. Not the “Hills” version you normally think of but parties and art and music were a huge part of my life growing up (Witchy, now you can see why I adore the West Coast. I look at it as much more culturally inclined than the east. At least for my taste in art/music). Its all about Biggie Smalls. 


“Birthdays was the worst days – now we sip champagne when we thirsty”

Maybe in my next post I’ll post some of my favorite pieces for you guys. Witchy, have you ever heard of Roq La Rue? Its located in Seattle. They show a lot of my favorite artists. Mark Ryden, Tim Biskup, Glenn Barr, Lori Early, Marion Peck. 


OK OK sorry. It’s tangent day isn’t it. So yes. Then Walgreens to pick some things up and finish off the TOC survival kit. Its for Boo’s trip next week and his birthday present. I have gotten a few fishing lures, a zippo lighter with real tree on it, a flashlight, and I need to grab some bandaids, Natures Valley granola bars, a case to keep it all in and I am kinda hoping Walgreens will have some very cheap walkie-talkies. You know the kids ones that suck but are hilarious. 


And the “party.” It is Yom Kippur today. Highest of holidays for da jews. Now Im not into religion. I prefer the spirituality of meditation and yoga. BUT my family does practice (reform) and so tonight is BreakFast. I have to help Mom get the house ready for about 40 people. Bagels, Cream cheese and Kugal. YUM. HAHAHA


MT – how is clean-up going? Yes, you were right, we are lucky it’s not salt water. Its mostly water from the Bay I believe although I think a seawall or two may be having some problems here. I got lucky with my car. They said there was no damage to the computers or engine. Or did I get lucky, insurance probably would have gotten me a new car! OH how wonderful that would have been. 


Clo – How is that precious bundle? How’s his eye. How is the dreaded MIL? That really blows that she won’t get off your back. Selfish of her. If i were there i’d bust a kneecap for ya!


Janey – Take time before you decide to move in with him. You are so young. LoL. I felt really old the other day when you mentioned you’ve been out of school for a year and how it made you feel old. I’m like, geez, that 10 year reunion is around the corner. Gaak. I graduated about 6 and a half years ago. And Im still a baby. Enjoy the youth. Moving in is a huge responsibility. What about getting a place with some of your friends first. You guys would have the privacy of an apartment but you could take the baby steps toward living together. I don’t think Boo and I will even make that move for a while. It would be nice but gotta go slow. Ive had a few falling outs too. Sometimes it happens. And sometimes you find your way back to the person. Just remember… your world revolves around you. And your cousin probably has some inner issues if she is acting out maliciously. Its not you. Its her. 


Witchy – how are those stats comin along! Do we have a future husky in training? Or better yet.  a future GATOR. HAHAHA. I know I know you west coasters, he’ll probably run as fast as he can for USC. Oy. 


Am I forgetting anyone? I hope everyone is great. And Belle. Cmon girl. Post it up. I’ll call ya later today. Im home all day so feel free to just hit me up. 


OH! Cable guy is here. Woohoo. (Did I mention someone is stealing my cable? No? Hmm. Well we think there is. I’ll get into THOSE fun details soon. Lets just preface the story with gay neighbor who loves 6 inch heels and apparently is taking advantage of my kindness. hmmm). 





Always Wait 30 Minutes After You Eat Before Swimming!

6 10 2008

What. A. Weekend. I guess from time to time I’ll use this to inject my “comments” and “Heyas” and catch you up to date with the life that is Monkey. This is Monkey Speaks afterall right?

I think I may have left early Friday but I don’t remember why. Maybe not. Maybe I left at my normal time and just felt like I couldn’t WAIT to get out of here? HAHA. Anyway.

Background. Miami Beach, my current place of residence (temporary?) sits below sea level. There is also some sort of Storm (I beleive Hurricane Kyle) that has been creating a lot of problems for South Beach (well Miami Beach in general). So, old water system, abnormally high tide, and way too much rain equals… Yup. Floods! I wish I could tell you how many inches we got. I was trying to look but it seems there is nothing out there. I DO know that the water came up to my knees at certain points and my feet were always covered. Here is an excerpt from an article written the DAY BEFORE the massive downpour.

“Draining some of the worst of the flooded spots — like the Wild Oats grocery on Alton Road, or the Waverly Condominium on West Avenue and 13th Street — would be impossible, he said.”

Einsteins Bagels just three blocks south of where I live. This was probably a few days before the storm.

Einstein's Bagels just three blocks south of where I live. This was probably a few days before "the storm."

The significance? The area they just described. Where draining is “impossible.” Yes. That is where I live. GGREEEAATTT.

I wasn’t made aware of any of this until a friend brought the situation to my attention. I knew it had been raining pretty badly all day but didn’t think much of it. This is Florida after all. Welcome to the “Sunshine” State. She was coming to have a girls night and called to ask where to park. “Anywhere, I have a pass.” She then explained to me she was navigating her car through the river that was now my street and the issue wasn’t an open spot, but a spot that wouldn’t let water into her car the minute she opened her door. This of course scared the crap out of me because my car was parked right in front of my building. (I have street parking). Lo and behold I walk out of my door and into the “lobby” and there is water coming up about a step up (luckily the actual apartments are a couple of steps above the foundation). There was easily 2-3 inches of water inside my building. Forget shoes. I splashed out to the car and jumped in. Boo calls at this most inopportune time but of course I answer to rant about the insanity I am now experiencing. My friend will have to suffer along with me. (I informed her to just look for anything that was “doable” and I was getting in my car to do the same, we would meet when one of us parked and find the other and so on…). She finds parking, I grab her and decide, screw it… and jumped my car up on to a sidewalk. It was the only thing I could think of. At least get the car up as high as possible. Luckily my neighbor saw me and picked us up in his SUV and brought us back to the apartment.

Of course instead of going in like intelligent human beings we jump out of the car and head straight for the 24 hour market two blocks down. 😀 I mean really, what fun is a flash flood without Scotch and some mixers? (She and I are both Crown Royal people but I drink mine on the rocks and she enjoys her with some cranberry). Oh and beer. Gotta have beer. I mean. The apocalypse is outside, we were going down with a bang.

So we swim, I mean walk, back to my place and are officially soaked. By this time we have both forgotten our cars. I don’t even think about it till Sunday night when I realize. OH crud. Rent will be late if I don’t get my butt in gear and slip it under the door. So check in zippy bag (I didn’t want it getting wet because it floods at my realtors office too) I go to find my shipwrecked car. I have now named my car the Titanic. I got in thinking I am the smartest duck in the bunch. I escaped a lofty cleaning bill! Or worse, engine or computer damage (new car so there’s lots of computerized crap in there). Except. Why does my car smell like a Ninja Turtle took a dump in my back seat? I pull over and as I hit the breaks I hear the SWOOSH of water and feel my feet get wet. UUUGHHHH.

So my car still smells like Ninja Turtle poot. BUT luckily I am not driving it today. It is in the shop. Being torn apart. So they can vacuum all of the water out from everywhere. Shampoo the carpets. Clean the leather. I was lucky actually. No real damage – all superficial damage. A heavy price tag but at least my car isn’t going to rot away now.

And my dog hasn’t actually walked around outside of my building for a while. I carry him from my car to my door. This may not seem like a huge deal but

Hes one cool pup. And a puppy in this picture. Probably about 10 months.

He's one cool pup. And a puppy in this picture. Probably about 10 months. He hasn't fit in that collar for years now.

chubs weighs like 55 lbs. And doesn’t love the situation. I have to bring him to non-flooded areas to poot. Poor think didn’t go at ALL this past Saturday. And such a good boy too – he did not pooter or peeter in the house ONCE.

All isn’t lost either. I was able to make my 11 am meeting and stopped by the tailor to get a pair of slacked hemmed for that much anticipated event in LA (aahhhh!!!). I really should be studying for it. You know, catch up on the artists they already show – freshen up on the different mediums and genres that are popular today. That kind of stuff. OH! And because I had time to kill I was able to add a few items to Boo’s Survival Kit. WooHoo! Its really coming together. (I’m basically putting together a bag of really awesome things that he will love for a big trip he is taking). I just need to run by Walgreens and get the actual “bag” and maybe some Bandaids and Tissues. Because what survival kit is complete without Bandaids and Tissues?

Whatever will I talk about?

2 10 2008

As of late I have become increasingly interested in the genetics and science behind relationships, attraction and, dare I say it, love.

Rather than peg me as an unromantic taking a scientific approach to love I find I am quite the opposite. I hope for an everlasting love. I think kissing in the rain is not only  romantic but beautiful – my own rain kiss ranks number 2 as my most favorite kiss in my own lips history. And of course I am always striving to do those little things. A compliment here, a gift there.

But because of my fascination with Love and the opposite sex, I have wanted to delve deeper into the mechanics of it. Perhaps it’s because I’m neurotic. OR because I threw myself into relationship after relationship never knowing what I want and now that I am in a relationship with sparks galore, I want to undertand it. Why do I so enjoy being intimate with this person when it was merely something I endured… enjoyed slightly… but mostly out of obligation with my previous significant others.  What is the science behind the fireworks of attraction. Why do my knees feel like they are going to buckle everytime I walk (or run) toward my Boo.  I decided why not use this blog to try and keep track of some of my research.

There are so many little tidbits that have brought me to such conclusions. And now I sit here wrestling with myself about how to organize said thoughts. As of right now these are merely the ramblings of an obsessed fanatic. Where oh where to start….

Scent, Kissing, Touch, Culture….

And then there are topics and tangents that stray from the broader spectrum of it all

Why do we feel the need to stray – why DON’T we stray – Why do we settle down, and did you know we are not the only species to have recreational sex?

Why do we have the standards we have? And what can we really do to improve our sex lives and relationships?

What does working out and health do for our over all being? Where does religion and spirituality play roles in our overall well being.

Many of you don’t know but Belle happens to be my go to gal for health and we are both very involved in meditation and yoga.

I guess stay tuned for upcoming and random posts. There seems to be so much involved in each topic and while I continuously mention this blog will have no rhyme or reason and I want it to paint a vast and broad portrait and Belle will do her own thing as much as I will do mine I figure this may as well be my jumping off point. Hope you guys enjoy and learn as I do!