Gooooood Morning Vietnam

2 10 2008

Or well, good morning wherever you are. I’m sitting at work. A quick welcome to Belle, a new addition and very good friend of mine.

Now ladies, you have to let me know if the site isn’t working. Put a post up here (for those who can speak for others) or on cosmo and I’ll look into the blogs settings or something. I want everyone to be able to participate. And remember, you can email me post ideas or even your own posts in the “Why We Paint” section. This is not an elitist blog.

I’m also about as good as Joe Hottie when it comes to regular posts (do not let the newness of this fool you!) so feel free to nudge me if I fall behind. I am working on a post right now but it will take a bit of research before I post. WOOOO.

I will leave you for the moment with a message from CLO – she is headed home today and says hello to all. She was having trouble accessing the site the other day and didn’t want anyone to think she was blowing us off. She is doing well and her heart is swelling with love for her bundle of joy!!!

I’ll try and jump back on again today and post. I do have ideas. I figured why not… I mean if the space is there 😀 And like I keep saying, feel free to use this as your own as well.



4 responses

2 10 2008

Question: Do you think you would ever want to spend a day with Robin Williams?

2 10 2008

Good Morning Rowdy and everyone. Glad to hear Clo is on her way home. Its hard to rest in the hospital with nurses bugging you every hour or more. And Rowdy I don’t think you could possibly be as bad as Joe Hottie on posting. I give up on him. And its a shame. I really liked his writing style and the way he asked us questions and seemed to read our comments. Looking forward to hearing from everyone.

2 10 2008

Would I want to spend the day with Robin Williams. I’d say yes, although I think he would get on my nerves. I think he is a very funny guy, but would get annoying spending too much time with him. Anyone remember Mork and MIndy?

2 10 2008

thts great that clo is headed home. Caydens a real cutie! and to answer the question: yes!!! i would LOVE to spend a day with robin williams. he is hilarious!!

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