wow… this feels weird

2 10 2008

Some of you may or may not know me. I am Belle… you know… the good friend of Rowdy. Seriously… we are like identical twins personality wise,… I just happen to be 28 (29 in Feb). I say that some of you might now me  because i used to have a blog… you  know… bonitabelle.blogspot.

Shut that puppy down after the “man” of HQ America got a bit ruffled. Anyway,… great to be here.. hopefully my ramblings will not bore you. just wanted to say HELLO!!! and Congrats to CLO… never commented with her before however I have read hers on the different sites that we all know and love..

alright…. later gators!



2 responses

2 10 2008

Hello Belle and welcome. Don’t know where everyone else is yet, but they’ll be here.

3 10 2008

Hi Belle. I’m Janelyse and i just wanted to say that i look forward to hearing from you. im sure the rest of the girls will be here soon. Welcome.

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