A Sheet Snob Tries on Flannel Sheets

24 11 2008

So the title doesn’t really have anything to do with the post except that I bought Flannel Sheets for the first time and they are quite interesting. Kinda like jersey sheets which I’m not really a fan of but thicker. I was a bit scared that I would be too warm in them but I was actually comfortable. I do still prefer my 500 thread count cotton sheets (or higher, but I will be ok with 400) but these are ok. Actually they may do me some good in LA when it’s freezing. Yes. I admit it. I am. A sheet snob. My sheets are all chocolate colored. I debated on getting white (well cream) but the last time I got white Nemo/Frad destroyed them. Those were 550 egyption cotton. Rest in peace oh white sheets. I loved you for the short time I had you. 


I don’t know what made me a sheet snob. I used to be fine with jersey. I mean hey – what is so wrong with sleeping on t-shirt material. In fact, I didn’t really like cotton sheets to begin with. They were a bit starchy, really. And cmon, those jersey sheets came in some pretty funky designs. And they conveniently came in the XL I needed for dorm room beds. By sophomore year I had grown into queen size sheets and was still wrestling in star studded jersey. But by Jr year it was time for a new duvet cover. Blue stars just wasn’t… well I decided 21 was a bit too old for stars. My old roommates Tweetie comforter was no longer there to combat the maturity of my own duvet and I just wasn’t doing enough drugs to excuse my bedspread. Bed bath and beyond produced a wine colored duvet, except long gone was the jersey. I had discovered Egyptian Cotton. And not just any Egyptian cotton – but 450 thread count. Oh my. These were not the starchy sheets of my past. This cover was more than I dreamed. I quickly tossed all of my old sheets and a more, polished look was formed. Since then I’ve learned to wait for close out sales to purchase sheets. Splurging, even after 40% discounts for the sheets I crave. Knowing I would have to “deal with it” when I slept in boys beds who didn’t share my fascination with bed spreads and keeping in the back of my mind that should we ever share a bed permanently that my sheets would be the chosen keepers. 


But now I am in a financial crisis. I’ve had panic attacks left and right. The ones where you question whether or not you need to see a doctor because your arm may or may not be going number and your chest is definitely hurting. The kind where you’ve technically only smoked 1 cigarette but there is a whole pack stubbed out in the ashtray because you’ve only taken 2 puffs of each one.  


I have gone back and forth with moving, not moving. Do I take out a credit card with a high limit (of course the credit card company will do it – I have impeccable credit and banks are so desperate they’ll give any schmoe a card) and put myself into massive debt just to afford the movers, which are going to cost 2 times as much as anticipated. Then there is the wedding. Have to pay for the dress. And a present for the bride and groom. And the trip out there. And the trip to LA to look for the apartment. Not ot mention rent, bills, the new deposit on the apartment, the car, life. I’d stop living but death is more expensive than life so forget that (ok sick morbid joke, i would NEVER) I don’t want to borrow from my parents. I’d rather go into debt. I know that may sound crazy but for once in my life I need to step up and be a (wo)man. How do I afford christmas. I know, people will understand but that does NOT mean I want to skimp out on everyone. Not to mention packing. Where do I start. I need to start now but oh god. 


The good news is I don’t have to go into debt. And I don’t have to borrow, There is another option I learned about today. Its not something I WANT to do but its not the worst thing in the world. 


And that is why, the sheet snob, resorted to flannel sheets. Its a step. I needed sheets. And there they were. Staring me down. Chocolate. I had been using one set for too long. And even with the going out of business sale at Linens and things I was suddenly ok with 10 dollar Flannel sheets. Of course. 10 dollar flannel sheets also meant a 4 dollar felt elf outfit for nemo. Sometimes, you just gotta splurg.


A quickie

18 11 2008

Sometimes, nothing is better than a good quickie. I don’t know if it works the same way in blogs as it does for sex but it’s definitely beyond time for an update. 


I apologize for not writing, or even checking in on the comments, for – I guess a week or two? Wow I’m bad. Thankfully I have my wonderful buddy to jump in and write a little doodad for me when Im MIA. 


Things have been a bit insane here. The bachelorette party was a blast and a half. I ate meat (UGH) for the first time in two years. Not necessarily intentionally but Epcot was giving me some excuse like if they make me anything w/out meat it will take a whole 20 miinutes to prep and i was like dude, whatever i’ll pick it off. Im not THAT picky. Well I still ingested some since instead of the strips of meat it thought it would be, it was this goey taco ground meat stuff. SO I still got some in me, no matter how much i brushed it to the side. I spent the rest of the day feeling like I was gonna puke. So what do I do? I eat more food (it was the food and wine festival), continue downing beers and margaritas and shove things like fudge, sushi, cheese… you name it… into my mouth. YUM. hahaha I survived and had a blast. We went to the hot tub later that night and then took over one of the resorts little bars. (Old Key West Resort).


SO I get home and of course have my last week of work to get through so the days were nuts already and then I realized… OH well… I only have a month and a half to get a move, find a place, pack, move, find someone to rent my apartment. SO that all went down last week. I’ll be flying to LA dec 3 to look for a place (yes, boo has been somewhat helpful…) and I have some guy coming to the apartment today to look at it and decide whether or not he wants to sublease. What sucks is i thought the complex would help me out and just transfer my lease but they won’t for only three months. SO I either have to write out a contract between he and I for the four months OR he can sign on for an additional 2 and get a price reduction… he would have to pay a new deposit and app fee (25 dollars app fee and month and a half deposit) but I’ve already talked to him about just giving me 1,000 back and he could keep the additional deposit until he decided to sign a full lease. I have to go over all the options with him in I guess about an hour or two. yuck. My place is kinda messy right now too. I have a lot of, stuff, and a friend moved in with me and i only have ONE box packed. Oy. Fingers crossed .I really hope he just takes the 6 month lease and is willing to just transfer the deposit back to me. Because Im the one who found someone I won’t be held responsible for like the floor scuffs and stuff. If he decides to sign the apt as is then he and I have to work out exhanging the deposit. More money in my pocket! yay. 


OK guys. Thats all she wrote for now. Sorry I’ll be on when I can be. I hope everyone is doing well.

Where the Hell have I been??

12 11 2008

So, other than the fact that I am a COMPLETE moron and forgot how to log into this damn thing, I have been a bit of a bum. On October 3rd, I was laid off from my career. The first 3 days after were a bit tough, but I am enjoying the break. I used to think that the company I work for was EVERYTHING… however over the summer, I realized that that just wasnt a true statement anymore. Hell, I am a 28 year old woman who wants to live!!! So Recently a nice career opportunity has come my way. I have to take an exam that was pass / fail to even get an official interview. Well I am pleased to say that out of 10 people who took this exam, I was the only one to pass. HELL YEAH!!!  So I get to meet with the regional manager sometime the week of the 17th. YAY ME!!

So… Monkey..,. here I am again… I will try to write more frequently, but no promises! I hope that everyone is doing well!


I reckon it’s again my turn, to win some or learn some

6 11 2008

(title quote from Jason Mraz’s song I’m Yours)

I am trying to figure out what to write – and perhaps appropriate to my new position in LA what images to use to express myself today. I know, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. I guess I have the mentality where if I am not in the mood to post then I know it won’t come out very good. Of course, how exciting can it be when I am basically just spitting out nonsense about my life. Whether it is relevant to anything or not.

They say the sign of a good blog is expertise. Write what you know. Huge cliché, but true. So far this blog has not taken any definitive angle. Part of me wishes I could focus on one thing, but that wouldn’t necessarily be true to me. I don’t have ADD but I’m also so enamored with so many different things that it is hard for me to stay focused on one thing at a time. I get a great idea, get excited about it, and if I don’t act immediately – or have a REAL deadline to completely a project – it dies out. The only hobby, beside reading and writing, that I have stuck to has been playing guitar. And while I’ve been playing since I was 13 (about 12 years now) I still never got so deep into it that I became very good. Sure, I can strum a few chords and keep a better beat than someone who doesn’t play, but it’s still painfully clear I am novice. I’m not getting down on myself. At all. Im actually pretty hyped up on coffee right now, and they say a warm cup of coffee actually warms the soul.

Warm your hands around a cup of coffee, and warm your heart too

See, I am already off on a tangent. Not that this had any direction to it yet, but my mentality is much like my writing style: all over the place.

I do want to delve on one thing that I have ultimately shied away from so far – for fear of insulting someone or finding myself insulted. But I can’t really NOT express my deep emotions because we as a generation, both young and old, find ourselves in the middle of a truly historic moment. Whether you voted for him or not, an individual has taken office when so many before him told him there would be no future for those ideals and goals. If this goes into further discussion I do ask that everyone be completely respectful of each others points of view, however regardless of your initial reaction to him, Barack Obama is now our president and I hope that all of America can move past the partisan divide to working toward the greater good. Building a cabinet of extremely qualified individuals (Colin Powell, Robert Kenedy Jr., etc) there is a man in office that will hopefully come through on his promises to a better future for us and our children (or in my case my dog).

who says you cant have a sense of humor about it all

who says you can't have a sense of humor about it all

What hurt me the most in this election was how divided the country became. Racism became more prominent than I am used to seeing in my life time, and in the SAME breath, racial barriers were knocked down. When I am not patrolling my own blog or tolling around Cosmo, you can find me on www.current.com. A (admittedly liberal) website that is created by everyday people, posting interesting articles from celebrity sightings to scientific discoveries to current affairs and politics. It’s a group of people, not unlike us here, who come together for mature discussions on the issues of the day. It got me through this election and I will admit I lost plenty of working hours absorbed in the content of the site. Check it out. You can find me on there under the identity GatorMonkey.

Onto less intense topics, I have decided my next tattoo. I have decided when


I move to LA, to symbolize my transition, I will get my second tattoo.
Originally I just wanted to embellish the small one I have. The Sanskrit symbol for Hamsa (हंस = I view the meaning to be self acceptance but it’s a very heavily loaded term).

The tattoo will be somewhat similar to this. The flower slightly different but this is the basic idea. I prefer just the flower, not the leaves or the smoke.

The new tattoo will be a symbol of new starts. Purity and beauty. I only have “ideas” to show but the basic one will a lotus flower opening up into the Sanskrit symbol for “monkey” ( हरि – hari). The symbol also stands for Purity (much as my Hamsa, which is also the symbol for swan). The lotus will symbolize creation and beauty. I am very excited about this idea. Instinct hit. As of right now I plan on putting this on my side above my left hip bone. Painful spot, but I think worth the aesthetic properties.

The odd thing about tattoos, and if you have one you may have experienced this too, is the sensation was closer to a tickle than anything else at the start. The end, filling in the gaps and going back over, is where it hurt me. The irritation. I’ve heard people describe it a million different ways. SO FAR to me, the best way I can think about it is holding your hand over an open flame for as long as you can stand to and pulling back when it starts to really burn. When you put your hand over the fire a second time the sting comes quickly and its an irritating burn,  but the minute you pull back again the irritation is gone. I also view the experience as very sensual and intimate. Your body has become a canvas for not just your own, but the artists, self expression (thus the intimacy). Believe it or not, I am afraid of needles, but I am looking forward to the experience again.

What are your views on body decoration? As individuals and as parents. It took my mom a year of not believing I would have the guts, to saying I can’t believe you are doing this, to being indifferent. She thinks it’s cute. My grandparents used to tell me I would break their heart if I got one. I didn’t want to tell them but my brother squealed on me. By the time they saw it my grandfather kept making me lift my shirt so he could see it and even joked about getting my grandmother one.