Not For Easily Offended (and this really isn’t that offensive anyway)

21 01 2009

I don’t know about you guys, but I frequently come across blogs and articles that make me step back and say “Dude, I wish I thought of that one.” I believe it is kind of like people who will sit back after seeing some crappy invention on HSN and say, I could have come up with that. Like the mister umbrella – the little one that you bring to the beach and it has a fan on it that will mist water on you if you fill up a small water container attached to the umbrella. Double D batteries are needed. Wait, have they come up with that yet? If not, I just did. Back off.

If you haven’t stumbled across Stuff White People Like yet, then you should probably get onto that keyboard and type away. Being one of the few white people I know, I am really quiet the expert at what White People Like. You may think – hey – if most of your friends are of different ethnicities… then how can you be so sure. Well – I observe white people from the other side. Much of what my friends make fun of I secretly like. Whole Foods (which my very unwhite guy finds over priced and a complete rip-off….), Sushi, Sea Salt, Lumber Jack shirts, Kurt Cobain, Blogging. This adds perspective to my observations because non-white friends make fun of these and many more – while I harbor my secret love for them. I admit, I have come out of the closet with one of my White People Likes: Crafting. I proudly craft without shame. I am White.

Many white people visit the SWPL blog and grumble. I think the reality is they are pissed off at being called out. “Hey! There is a Black Guy at that Ugly Sweater Party.” My response to this was “Please refer to Stuff White People Like #14: Having Black Friends.” I am sure the poor guy was dragged along for fun.

So I sit back and wish that I was witty and quick enough to have thought about what White People Like. There are so many things we enjoy that are not up on the site yet too. Lumber Jack shirts have not yet been listed, but I know it is something WPL. Then of course they have yet to add on “Discussing the Relevance and Accuracy of Religion, Group Work Outs, The Eliptical, Collecting Art, Complaining” and much more.

I don’t think I would ever want to make a living off of blogging. I’m not consistent enough to start. And I’m so ADD that my likes and dislikes are all over the place. There are certain activities I’ve kept up with. Im all over Art Collecting and Working out like White on Rice, but Im not passionate enough about said hobbies to write about them daily. I work as a curator – that’s enough for me for now. (BTW, another thing white people like are silly catch phrases…. White Mothers generally take the cake with that one, holding onto catch phrases their teen children retired weeks prior….. Jewish White Boys Who Think They Are Black also have a tendency to hold onto catch phrases retired by ethnicities that are higher on the “cool” ladder).

So that’s basically all that is going on with me. Sitting around, wishing I were more witty – or at least wishing I was faster with my wittiness.



One response

26 01 2009

Just got onto this today…..first of all, you’re welcome. Second of all, tell your guy: Threadless is listed as something white people like. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! It was a proud, PROUD moment when I found that. While I’ll agree that Whole Foods is pretty pricey, the food and bread there is soooo good…..I make it a once in awhile treat.

OK, back to my crafting… ;o)

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