You can blame CLO

3 02 2009

I was planning on writing a new post for the day. In fact, I already have it titled. It is a pretty witty title as well (and we all know my desire to be as witty as possible).

However, upon reading her suggestions for websites I’ve become thouroughly absorbed in “”

So. Yea. No new post for you guys today. Please feel free to visit one of the many wonderful sites CLO suggested in a comment (I believe in the last post) and entertain yourselves there for now.

I might also suggest Although I have submitted quite a few “postcards” none have been selected.

Since the reality is I am relatively narcissistic and think my world is hilarious (don’t let the low self esteem and shyness fool you, I crack myself up regularly) I’ll share my attempts with you.

Attempt #1
Backstory: Laying in bed with my mother a week before I moved to LA. She’s scratching my arm and giving me a hand massage.

Mom: Remember when you were a baby and you would get sick and you couldn’t fall asleep unless I rubbed your hand or back.
Me: mmhmmmm
Mom: When I go, will you tell everyone I give the best hand-jobs
Me: I think that’s more of something that dad can attest to, not me
(I got smacked for that one….)

I’ll have to find the second attempt later. I really just want to go read PAN.

Have a great day. I’ll post later. Or tomorrow. Sometime soon before the post itself leaves my head.


PS – I don’t know who you are but thank you to the 10,000+ website visits I have received. This isn’t THAT interesting so that fact that people seemingly continue to visit this makes me actually want to post. Eventually.



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4 02 2009

Omg, you are soooo popular. 10000 hits on this blog that’s great Rowdy!!!

4 02 2009

Ha ha ha, I love passive aggressive notes. I’m also addicting to stumble upon. Oh internet, you’re so useless and useful at the same time.

Dinner with the in laws. Not much to say, they were actually well behaved tonight. Except my Mother in law sent back her steak, and then her pretzel coated chicken fingers (She ordered her steak well done and then was surprised when it was tough. Then she said the chicken fingers looked over cooked because they were dark. They were dark because of the pretzel coated batter. She didn’t even try those. I did, and they were fine.) So I sent a text to my friend Courtney and told her all about it. She answered with “I wonder how much spit your MIL has consumed while dining out” and I wonder that too… I’m just glad that I get my food before she sends hers back.

Then my father in law told the following racist joke about Obama (which, he’s usually not the racist one either.)
FIL: “Did you hear about Obama’s new tax plan?”
Jeremy: “No, what is it?”
FIL: “He’s taxing aspirin, 40%”
Jeremy: *shocked* “Really?”
FIL “Yeah, cause it’s white and it works”

Me: …….

4 02 2009

You know Clo I don’t know what you are supposed to say to people when they make stupid jokes or stupid comments like that. I try to ignore, but you can only ignore so long. THen you always try the polite “I don’t want to hear that’ THat never works for me. So I just put myself above those kind of people. They are ignorant and insecure. Of course with Obama, you can always remind them that he is 1/2 white, maybe that’ll shut them up.

I don’t think I told you guys about the puppy a neighbor of mine found. She lives in the building next to mine and she said she heard a puppy crying from the woods behind our apartments. It was still icy out, so she called her daughter to come over and investigate. The daughter found this poor little pup frozen to the ice and had to pry it loose. It was still alive so they took it in and called the Humane Society, who said that they don’t pick up strays after dark. So the lady kept the pup all night trying to warm it. And the Humane Society picked the pup up on Saturday. She said the people that live above us had a puppy that looked just like the one she found. I heard a puppy crying once or twice after we got ours. But that was what 3 – 4 weeks ago. I’ve never seen that puppy around (it was on the news this morning, adorable pup-looks like maybe german sheppard/rotwieler(sp) mix. But the Humane Society was knocking on doors the other day trying to find the owner. My hubby talked to them, but like I said neither of us had seen anyone with it. But the good news is the puppy is doing well and will be up for adoption next week and I am sure alot of people will want him.

4 02 2009

Laura- I don’t know what to say to them either. I mean I could tell them to shove it, only I don’t really want to start all that drama. I mean we see them maybe once a month, so right now I grin and bear it. I’m more concerned when Cayden starts talking and can understand. Because if he comes home saying shit like that, I’m off to beat a grandparent down. And I’ll tell Cayden when he hears stuff like that he has every right to call that person an ignorant racist asshole.

About the puppy, that’s so sad. We have problems here with people just letting their animals go out in the country when they don’t want them anymore. It’s so sad, I could never let my dogs out on the side of the road and just drive away. I would feel guilty for the rest of my life.

We had Cayden’s four month check up today. More shots 😦 I didn’t like the lady who gave them to him, she wasn’t as fast as the other nurse last time. Cayden is 18 lbs 3 oz. He’s almost doubled his birthweight. He’s also 25.5 inches. Crazy big. The doctor said we can start him on food, and we need to start night weaning him, which isn’t going to be fun. Alright, Cayden just pooped and it sounded like it’s going to be loads of fun to change, so I better hop on that.

4 02 2009

Where *is* everyone? Janey, witchy? I know Janey had her family reunion but I don’t remember when she was supposed to come back?

4 02 2009

I was wondering where everyone is too. Rowdy, we know developed other interests that are taking her free time lol. Witchy’s been on the Hottie blog. Witchy we miss you here!! Guess Janey will check in when she can. I wonder whatever happened to MT?

Abandened puppy update. This puppy was only 7 weeks old, no chance of survival on it’s own, and the news said it was tied to the tree, although the lady that found it didn’t mention that to me and I think she would have. They also made it sound like the Humane Society came right out and that they were the ones who actually rescued the pup. And that’s not true, they wouldn’t even come out until the next day. Well now the Baltimore news crews are coming to our lovely Apartment complex. My hubby just called and said Channel 2 which is a Baltimore ABC channel was there interviewing a guy we talk to. So the poor pup has made Big time, well big time in our humble town. I’m just glad that lady heard him. I’d be out walking my beagle and probably wouldn.t have found it. Not to say my beagle wouldn’t put her little nose to the ground searching. But I’d have pulled her in a differnt direction. She constantly does that now. Drives me nuts, I’m tring to walk her and she wants to go sniff something out lol.

4 02 2009

LoL Beagles and their noses!

4 02 2009

Help. I’m tired of struggling with this computer crap. I’m going to give it one more shot…I’m here Girls. I just can’t seem to connect; Jerry did something to “improve” this computer, (faster or something), a few days ago. Since then, all my regular places are screwed up…and I haven’t had the time to sit down and get it straight. I’ll whine and get Jerry and/or Beau to try and figure it out. Computers/computer technology are not Witchy’s friend. I did answer you guys earlier here this am…but I see it didn’t go through. Hmmmmph.

Take care.

4 02 2009

hey guys.
im back. got back last night.
i was going to post on the way back home
but my laptop was dead lol

5 02 2009

Witchy you just have to get all your stuff back the way you had it. When you clean up your disks and cookies and such you lose all your pre login things.

Ok you know this thing with the puppy is horrible yes but does Baltimore and Washington DC news crews really need to come up here for coverage?? THey are both about 1 1/2 hours away and think we are a bunch of hicks up here lol. Anyway the reason I’m complaining is I was taking Ginger out to “do her business” yesterday evening and this van pulls in the parking lot and this guy yells “hey dog walker” I could tell he was a reporter, he was from Channel 9 Washington DC and wanted to interview me. I kind of pushed him the direction of the building where the lady that found the puppy lived. I don’t know if he found her or not but I checked channel 9’s website this morning and they have this guy named Nick, and I know he interviewed with channel 2 yesterday (as he was dumpster diving lol, he really does, he collects cans and I’ve seen him climb inside dumpsters.) Anyhoo apparently he is taking credit for finding the puppy and maybe the lady that did find him just doesn’t want interviewed. Can’t blame I didn’t want to either, I get nervous and would probably say something stupid or I’d look fat and get a complex lol.

5 02 2009

lol Laura I want to be interviewed, and then I actually get on camera, and I’m like…. Duurrrrr….

Jeremy’s hoping to apply for this really great job. I’m not too sure about it. I say hoping because he’s called this guy trying to apply, and he got told one day “I’m out of the office, call back tomorrow” when he did, the guy was out sick, call back thursday. So he’s supposed to call back today. I dunno I tend to side on the more pessimistic side, so I’m like shady business, but Jeremy’s like, sounds Aok to me.

Cayden slept much better last night, however I dunno if that was due to his shots or maybe he’s just back on track cause of the actual food we’re giving him. Either was it was nice cause I was at the end of my rope.

5 02 2009

Clo it is probably the food, it takes longer to digest so he’s more satisfied and will sleep better. I finally saw my new great nephew last night. He’s aborable. his mother is the one who supposedly has cervical cancer. Well now she said they aren’t doing a hysterectomy on her because she is so young. They are going to laser off the “spots” What she has isn’t cancer it’s genital warts, which we all know can lead to cancer. But I guess that was a bit embarrassing to say which is why she is saying it’s cancer. If it were cancer they’d take a much more aggressive approach to treatment.

6 02 2009

Hello, how is everyone today??

6 02 2009

Good, gearing up for a busy weekend. Going to dinner with family tonight and then tomorrow I’m getting my tattoo and going to a surprise party with my whole family for my Uncle, then Sunday is my old bosses retirement party. How about you? And where IS everyone?

6 02 2009

I don’t know where everyone is. DId ya’ll desert us??? lol

I have a big weekend planned to unfortunately. Lets see tomorrow morn at 7:30 am I have a mamagram (I am still trying to figure out what kind of drugs I was on to make that appointment that eary on a Saturday!!) So after that, my daughter has dance practice from 11:00 – 12:00 then Cheer practice from 12:00 – 2:00, so I will go grocery shopping during that time. Then I guess we’ll pick up Kristy’s birthday cake, she wants an icecream cake. Then around 5:00 I am taking her and 1 or 2 girls out for her birthday ( I talked her out of a big party, I just didn’t feel like having a bunch of tweens and everything) so we are going to dinner and possibly a movie, or skating or bowling or something fun. I told her i’d let her and her friends go to the movie by themselves and then shop in the mall for about an hour by theirselves, but I’d probably hang out looking like a stalker. Yes I know I am over protective but I can’t help and the last time I let a 12 year old of mine shop at the mall by himself, he got caught shoplifting. Luckily nothing came out of it and I think it was just a “wonder if I can get away with it thing). Sunday will be cleaning and laundry day as usual.

So what is everyone elses plans?

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