Three Weddings and a Funeral OR Meet the Fockers

6 02 2009

I’m almost starting to feel like a fictional character the way my life has been as of late. I have a relatively glamorous job (compared to other occupations at least) and I’m in a new big city, learning the ropes and living the life.

I’m making friends as I go – mostly at work or at the gym. Which is new to me since most of the friends I had back in Miami were people I either met in college or have known forever. Only one friend was a work buddy and I didn’t work with him anymore so he wasn’t so much an excoworker anymore as oneo f my favorite people.

I live across the street from a church. Its kinda cool since it’s pretty and for whatever reason makes me feel safe. I mean. Who puts a church in a bad neighborhood. OK nevermind. There are probably a lot. Especially in LA or NY. But I do live in the 13th safest city in California. The irony though is I live on South Central. HA! Word homies.

Sorry. So. The church. It is a mostly Armenian church. They do their Sunday mass all day or whatever it is you gentiles do on Sunday. BUT the church is always hoppin. Why? Because there is ALWAYS a funeral or wedding going on. It’s the main Armenian church in ny neighborhood, which happens to be… YES! The Armenia Central. The city I live in (mind you I live in Glendale, NOT actually in LA but it is part of LA county so same thing) has the second highest density of Armenians in the world. At least that is what boo tells me (who is part Armenian, but more Persian… mmmmm my Persian rug!).

Last Saturday, when my parents finally came to visit (best weekend ever!) there happened to be… ready? Three Weddings and a Funeral. I couldn’t stop thinking of my favorite line in the movie

“You are my North, my South, my East, my West. You are my working week and my Sunday Rest.”

That weekend was also pretty similar to “Meet the Fockers.” You know how the female antagonist in that movie comes from a slightly uptight family who follows the rules and is prim and proper, while Ben Stiller comes from the crazy jewish family who has no problem talking about sex and treats people they meet like their new best friends? Well switch the genders around and you have my family and Boos.

Since the majority of the people who follow my life through this blog are already married (read 3 out of 2), you haven’t had the pleasure of the “meet the parents” day in a while.

This is also the first time I have introduced a boyfriend to my parents in over 5 years. While they knew I dated people here and there, I just never saw it as important for them to meet. Which is a huge sign that those other guys were NOT the one. I dated one guy for TWO YEARS and he never met my family. I met his, but that was also because he lived next-door to them and they snuck over one day to meet me when he wasn’t home. I was wearing his boxers, smoking a ciggerette, with no bra on. They are church going people. AWKWARD!!!!.

So, poor boo, who isn’t uptight, but is definitely not as laid back about certain things as my family and I are, got the full-frontal experience. I mean – my dad saved his number and started calling him within two days of knowing him and my mother kept tipping the bottle and assaulting him (seriously, she hits when you disagree with her). To those who know my parents well find their behaviour not only hilarious but endearing. They are who they are and everyone loves them. Poor Boo.

I still have not heard the end of his imitation of my father calling him.

The good news is everyone got along really well. Boo spent the whole weekend with me and my parents, which he did NOT have to do and my parents enjoyed his company and, in parental fashion, are happy that I am (for the most part) Happy.

We spent the weekend going out for delicious meals, taking the dog out on excursions, cooking, laughing, drinking – and they furnished the new pad! WOOOO. I think Boo is mor excited about that then I am, but its been super awesome having a living room.

So that’s my life for now. I will hopefully have something more interesting to write (and a bit more time to write it) in the near future.

BTW, have you ever noticed? The first rule in fiction is not to write about your life because the reality is, its not as interesting to other people as it is to you. Except, I sit here droning about how boring my life is and I’m told it seems the opposite to outsiders… and then my favorite memoirist, Jen Lancaster, has made millions documenting her life.

But then again, she is a snarky bitch with the wittiest combacks ever. Passive-Aggressive? Check. A marriage that I dream about? (They exchange snarky comments but you can feel the love and they have amazing communication with each other and love each other for who they are) Check. Hilarious adventures. CHECK.

I can’t stop whoring her out enough. Please go check out Bitter is the New Black; Bright Lights, Big Ass; and the one I am reading now: Such a Pretty Fat (or why pie is not the answer).




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7 02 2009

Oh Rowdy. I adore you.

7 02 2009

I do too!! I really enjoy reading your posts. And am secretly envious (sp) of your life. “A glamorous Job” and just having the guts to pack up and move across the country (yes we know you had your fears) but that didn’t stop you and look how well everything has turned out. My boyfriends and my hubby were always intimidated by my father (my mother I may have mentioned died when I was 11) and being the youngest my daddy was a bit overprotective. And he wasn’t a big man but he was very intelligent and had a way of looking at people as if he were disecting them lol. Oh I really miss him…

7 02 2009

funny post

8 02 2009

I got my new tattoo. It’s sore!

9 02 2009

Hi, Ladies…how’s it going? Yeah, Goldie, I also love reading your blog; you are a funny, funny girl. Also, you’re “quirky-intelligent”…I like “quirky intelligent”. Not many people are – or, at least, they don’t reveal that trait about themselves. Anyhoo…our Internet Explorer program is all screwed up; I can’t write more than a few words on the Hottie or Bedroom blogs…and I’d written a lot here on Friday, (or, was it Saturday? I don’t remember); when I submitted it, everything I’d written had gone away, and the screen said I had to re-enter my name, email, blah-blah-blah. I was impatient and disgusted with all the hassles I’m having lately trying to navigate these sites, so I just exited out. This site wasn’t even in my favorites anymore; today I found it again…and Jerry put it back in my icon screen. Soooo…oo, there’s my story of late.

Cloey, is your tattoo pretty? What is it again?

Lara, I know, Sweetie…it’s hard to miss someone who was such a central part of your life; do you believe that you’ll see him face-to-face again someday? You will.

Hi, Janey…what’s up, young lady? You haven’t “said” more than a couple of sentences in quite a while; I hope you’re feeling sunnier.

Take care.

9 02 2009

Hi, Ladies. So, this will be the 3rd or 4th time I’ve commented here since Friday, or Saturday…I’ve lost track. I wrote some things a few hours ago, but when I just checked to see if anyone has added anything, I see that my comment didn’t take. Again. What’s REALLY weird is that I purposefully checked earlier after submitting, (and reregistering my name and email), and my comments WERE posted here. Now…nothing. In many regards I am a patient woman, (working towards major goals, allowing people their eccentricities, etc); “gadgets”, electronics, inanimate objects of any sort – I’d much prefer to smash them against the nearest wall, or maybe crush them with a hammer – rather than frustrate myself struggling with these things. I mean it: I can almost see my computer screen grinning at me right now with a self-satisfied smirk of snide amusement. So tempted to….hurl it out the window.

Anyhoo…Goldie, you are SUCH a giggle-worthy gal; like the others, I love reading about your escapades. I also love that you can – and frequently do – laugh at yourself. We all need to be able to see and appreciate the ridiculous side of ourselves…and of Life in general.

Cloey, is your tattoo pretty? What exactly is it, and what does it signify again? I know you described what it would be a few weeks back, but I don’t remember.

Janey…how are you doing, Sweetie? You haven’t written more than a couple of sentences in a while…I hope your skies are sunnier.

SweetLara…I know it’s hard to miss a loved one who obviously meant so much to you; do you believe that your paths will meet up again, face-to-face? You will see your beloved father again.

Take care, and nightie-night.

9 02 2009

Ok…I have officially noted that my latest comments ARE POSTED IN PLAIN VIEW. Now, let’s see if I can find them here tomorrow am…I can hardly wait.

9 02 2009

Yea Witchy!! I can see your posts!! I don’t always understand computers. But sometimes find that I know more than the computer guy that’s getting paid to work on the damn things. Like Friday, we has a guy hook up a computer that has sat in the box for 2 -3 years. The operating system was crashed. Computer guy wanted to take it home and rebuild the harddrive. I called Dell and the kind lady told me how to get into “system restore” and I did and restored the computer. I just look at what make sense to me first. Yes witchy I do believe I will meet up with my parents again someday. I’ll tell you something interesting. When my dad died, he had a living will but we stiill had to make the decision to “pull the plug” which in his case was take out the breathing tube and wait and see. Well he was obviously ready to go, because it was only like an hour. But while we were all with him, which we were till the end. I felt my mother’s presence behind me, and this is what puzzled me. Before he stopped breathing, I swear I felt a very warm feeling go through my center, and I’m telling you it was his spirit. Then behind me I felt my parents happiness at being reunited. I was confused because his body was still alive even though his spirit had left. So yes Witchy I do believe such things.

9 02 2009

It’s posted up on myspace, in Cayden’s 4 month pictures (we’ve had a busy couple weeks and I take pictures of EVERYTHING, so there are about a billion new pics uploaded, and there will be more to come next week.) Anyway, it’s Cayden’s new born footprint, his name, and date of birth. So yeah, it means a little something 😉

9 02 2009

That’s a neat idea Clo, I’ll have to check it out.

10 02 2009

UM, OK, this is unacceptable. What, did everyone go out and get real lives? I’m leaving in less than a week and won’t be able to talk for a week! Won’t anyone miss me? 😦

10 02 2009

I’m here Cloey, I don’t know where everyone else is though!!. I’ve been soooo busy this morning, I am going to scream AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!
There now I feel better 🙂

And yes I will miss you, btw, my birthday is tomorrow and I’m depressed about it. I mean I know I’m too old to worry about presents or anything, but it’d be nice to have someone to take me to dinner or something. With Hubby not working I’m not paying for it myself, that would just ruin it. And none of my family lives around here. My oldest sister will send me a card, she always does. THen Kristy is sick, her birthday was yesterday and the poor thing was so sick, her fever went to 102.4 (oral) after I had given her some motrin. So I had to run to the store for tylonal, because it’s safe to give with the motrin and works great for high fevers. It finally broke somewhere around 11:00 last night, but I kept her home from school today too, she’s still running a 99.7 fever. I went home at lunch and she did eat some. So hopefully she can make it to school tomorrow. There is some nasty virus going around that lasts for like 2 weeks, I was afraid that was what she had. At least we got to celebrate her birthday Saturday night and that went well. Although all we did was go out to eat at a pizza joint and to the mall. She didn’t like any movies playing and I was going to take them skating, but we spent too much time at the

10 02 2009


Sorry I needed to scream again lol. Crazy day.

10 02 2009

Awww Laura, I wish I lived around you. I’d take you out. And I’m sorry Kristy is sick, that sucks as well.

Speaking of screaming…. Cayden is into this screaming faze. He’s not angry, he just likes to scream. I think he just likes the sound of his own voice.

10 02 2009

THank you Cloey, and I believe you would. I think most babies go through that screaming stage just because they learned how lol. Things have finally calmed down here at work. With the big bosses out. Ken is still in the hospital and his wife is only in the office in the morning until 10 or 11. So guess who is in charge of the office when they are out, yea me, which is good and bad. Just gets a bit hectic sometimes.

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