Keepers Surprise

30 03 2009

I didn’t want to retype this one out, so I am copy/pasting from a pet message board I belong to.

Yesterday was Keepers first instinct test. The ranch was awesome! She didn’t take to the grown sheep but as soon as she was in the lamb pen, super herding came out.

OK so she wasn’t perfect and tended to corner a little black lamb, but she gathered really well and seemed to love it!

Since it was a bit pricey to do the test we decided to wait on Fred since he is a bit more ADD and we figured Keeper would take to it naturally with her soccer background (pics to come).

After the herding test we went to the park for an hour or so, so Fred could run around and chase things. We played ball with Keeper and Fetch (stick) with Fred. Dropped them off at home and went grocery shopping.

We got home a few hours later and it looked like Keeper had slipped the comforter off and burrowed on the bed. We thought it was adorable… But Fred was acting strange… hidding in corners and slinking around. I thought he had to go potty bad so I ran outside with him quickly while Ape brought our bags in….

And as Im coming back he comes running yelling for me…he said something crazy happened and I jokingly said… what, did keeper have a puppy or something.

UHHH YEA! I get upstairs and there is a single puppy and a huge wet spot on the bed… we freaked for half a second before callin a friend who had delivered kittens once and started prepping a nest, researching dog labor, looking around for other puppies, etc. As soon as our friend got to the house we rushed over to the e-clinic (we figured it had to have been close to 2 hours and no new pup). They did an xray and there were no other puppies, so on top of our dog SUDDENLY giving birth, there was only one!

We’re going to keep her. We named her Layla and mom is being really good.

So that is where we are now. Layla is two days old today.




Does Your Country Road Take You Home to a Place You Belong?

24 03 2009

I am a huge fan of Jen Lancaster. I check in on her blog, I follow her on twitter… and I am bouncing in my seat awaiting her arrival at the mall two blocks from my apartment next month. Perhaps I need to stock up on good wine and lure her over with tales of cute puppies, good wine and of course, my own bitterness.

While checking out her blog one day she listed her playlist with a little background on it. I think music gives a lot of insight into who you are. I mean, yes, we all have our shame music – you know – the songs that you try and hide from others… because really, who admits to still loving Nsyncs Bye, Bye, Bye (and maybe knowing part of the dance). Or missing Brittney Spears. And I may or may not still have my Spice girls CD (ever notice, the most embarrassing CDs are the ones that seem to survive the longest? Where o where is that boys II men CD?).

I thought it may be fun to have you all go through your playlists. Jen asked her readers to admit their workout sets, but I figured we could throw out our most listened to songs of all time… For me a lot of songs will bring me back, almost physically, to the times I listened to them the most.

Umbrella/Rihanna – My friend and I were obsessed with this song when it came out. We’d walk around the office saying “ella, ella, ella, ella.” All the time. We shared a desk when it first came out and then he switched into his own office shortly after (his door faced my desk though) and we’d sit and sing along all day long.

If She Wants Me/ Belle and Sebastian – this is one of those “intense moments” songs. Not for any particular reason but I can still “see” the outside of the ATL airport. I got into Belle and Sebastian when I was going to camp and we’d listen to them and OAR non-stop.

Crazy Game of Poker/OAR – see above.

Sugar We’re Going Down/ Fall Out Boy – This single came out right before the Florida/Georgia game. A few friends and I took a road trip out to Jacksonville to stay with her brother. It was the first time the girl who invited me and I really hung out. Whenever I hear this song I think about that crazy weekend.

This Ain’t A Scene/ Fall Out Boy – This song came out when I was getting really into running. Since then it’s become a staple on my work-out playlists. The tempo of the chorus either picks up faster than the rest of the song or just sounds like it but this is my “conditioning song.” I run at a slightly faster pace during this song and kick it into a sprint during the choruses. It’s usually the third to last song on my list (I pick a slower beat for the next song to get back to a jog and then a slow song to cool down to). Fall Out Boy is on my list of “shhhhh yes I like them.”

Meant to Live/ Switchfoot – This song, along with songs found on Drive Thru Records (Taking Back Sunday, The Starting Line) always make me think of Winter in Gainesville when I was 19/20. I was dating this guy and lived in my first apartment. I’d listen to Fuse every morning on TV and, err, eat a bag of Doritos (teehee…) and smoke a stoge and just relax before classes. I can still smell the clean air from the open window and feel how cool it used to get and remember just being content. It also brings me back to all the Friday Night bbqs we had at my then boyfriends house.

Help Me Jesus/ The Toadies – I dontk now if this is the right name for the song but I first heard it driving around in Stuart, Fl while I house-sat for some friends. It was just me and their two dogs and I had a GREAT weekend all by myself. I had just started talking to a guy I’d later date for 4 or 5 months and was really into running still. This is also found on my workout set regularly.

Anything by the Steve Miller Band – My friend and dorm neighbor in college and I would drive to her hometown (Lake Mary… Near Orlando, Fla) and would stop in to see her Dad now and then. Total bachelor so we’d drink our beer and hang out and just laugh and we ALWAYS had Steve Miller Band on at his place.

Better off Dead/Bad Religion – This also brings me back to many a road trip with the same girl.

Welcome to the Real World and Georiga/ John Mayer – I remember when John Mayer first came out. He was innocent, he was cute, he wasn’t a serial celebrity dater. His first single came out right as I graduated high school and was starting college. My parents and I would listen to his debut album whenever we drove back and forth to school. His first single ALWAYS makes me think about that time.

No Rain/Blind Melon – OHHH Kacie and Sarah (road trip girl). Sarah and I lived together for a short sting (summer lease) while I waited for my new apartment and while Sarah’s full time roommate was gone for the summer. We would stay up all night goofin off. Even though I went through my first REAL breakup and was heartbroken, this was the best apartment and roommate combo I ever had. Oh well beside my one bedroom I move dinto a year later (Kace basically spent every night just chillen at that place too). Pink Floyd was also very popular that summer. OHHH college. This song was also my ringtone so now when I hear it I automatically reach for my phone. HAHA.

Thank You/ Boys II Men- I just LOVE this song.

Giant Steps/ Coltraine – I used to sit outside on my back porch my Sr. year of college and would listen to Jazz ALL DAY. Since this song makes me think of my back porch, I also get taken back to Holly and Luigi coming over. We’d sit on the back porch and just take in the great wooded view and cool air and howl along with the dogs. I know you miss that shizzy Hollykins!!!!! Hug luigi for me please.

I could go on and on. While I’ve never been super particular on one song or band for too long and can rarely say I have a “favorite,” music has become as strong of a memory sensor for me as scent is for most people. When I get homesick I just throw on one of the listed (and others) and let myself get carried back to great memories. Perhaps music surrounds happy moments because I tend to shy away from it when I am really low. I think I subconsciously do that so I can’t ruin any good memories. Weird? Maybe.

What about you guys. List a handful of songs that have a tendency to throw you a memory overload.

“I spilled spot remover on my dog. He’s gone now.” – Steven Wright

18 03 2009
 Well, as I mentioned on BB, we finally adopted a new dog. Ape (my new name on here for boo…get it, monkey, ape. haha. im funny) dreamt of adopting a border collie (and by adopt I mean rescue). After weeks of searching and sorting through red tape, Ape met and fell in love with Keeper.
I will admit I was hesitant at first. There was another dog there named Jammer who seemed way more mellow and relaxed. He also got along with Fred and they played their little hearts out. But as I focused on daydreaming about bringing Jammer home, I looked over and there was Ape, knee deep in Border Collie excitment and his newly cleaned white shirt covered in red dust.
I walked over, leaving Fred and Jammer to their own destruction to see if I could bond with Keeper. As the foster mom went to get adoption papers we would have to sign, I laughed with keeper as she used a ball and her nose to push me back, trying to get me to play with her…. and then I screamed out and bit back tears. Keeper accidentally grabbed my thigh instead of the ball. In her defense, and looking back, my thigh probably got in the way, which they often seem to do.  BUT at the time all I coul think of was “I got bit and it HURT.”
Ape took me aside to calm me down and we speculated on the fact that she was toy hyper. I watched her as she ignored Fred and then proceeded to sneer at him when he tried to play. My hesitation grew. But I looked at my dirt covered Ape and watched him plead me silently to give her a chance. The Foster agreed to give us a week trial and I agreed to take it.
The first day was tough. She snapped and we saw we had some training to do. A deal was struck: “If she doesn’t show signs of improvement and obedience to us within the week, she went back and we kept looking.” The Foster home was holding our adoption check until we knew we were keeping her.
Well it is 4 days later and the check is being cashed today. Keeper now knows to drop the toys at our feet if she wants to play and no longer mistakes my thighs for a rubber ball. She and Fred are bonding and while there is minor toy aggression a vet and trainer have assured us with training and time that will go away completely. And of course, coming home to see them curled up together didn’t hurt either.
Now Keeper sleeps between Ape and me. I went from fear to searching for her in my sleep and wrapping around her. Fred has a friend to share the days with and Ape has the border collie he dreamt of.
OH and it also doesn’t hurt that I have been promised a Corgi Puppy in the future
Name: Keeper (named after soccer position)
Age: 2.5 yrs
Breed: AKC and US Border Collie Registered Border Collie
Coat: Silky Longhair
Color: Black with white underbelly, white legs w/ black polka dogs, black tail w/ white tip, light coloring around nose, amber eyes
Occupation: Soccer (was a professional soccer dog prior to coming home with us), Fetch, Frisbee, and just looking adorable
Siblings: Adopted brother, Fred, and Primate parents Ape and Monkey
Birth State: Florida
Current Home: On my bed and couch in Glendale.
"Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot little puppies." - Gene Hill

"Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot little puppies." - Gene Hill

"I've seen a look in dogs' eyes, a quickly vanishing look of amazed contempt, and I am convinced that basically dogs think humans are nuts." - John Steinbeck

"I've seen a look in dogs' eyes, a quickly vanishing look of amazed contempt, and I am convinced that basically dogs think humans are nuts." - John Steinbeck

"You may have a dog that won't sit up, roll over or even cook breakfast, not because she's too stupid to learn how but because she's too smart to bother." - Rick Horowitz, Chicago Tribune

"You may have a dog that won't sit up, roll over or even cook breakfast, not because she's too stupid to learn how but because she's too smart to bother." - Rick Horowitz, Chicago Tribune

Adventures on Pyramid Lake

10 03 2009

Sometimes I feel bad for Fred. He lives in a small 600sq ft apartment. He doesn’t have any doggy friends during the day (yet). He has learned to give the “poor me” eyebrow shift when we leave and he doesn’t come with us.


And then I step back and realize we have one spoiled-ass dog. SURE we live in a small apartment but Fred gets to go to work with his papa everyday (or almost everyday). He gets groomed regularly (uh, I wish I got to go to a spa once a month!), he gets brushed almost daily (again, I wish I had someone come and do my hair for me regularly!), he is played with constantly, he goes to the park MINIMUM once a week (sometimes up to 3 or 4 times a week), we’re looking into taking him on vacation where he can learn to tap into his natural talents and iether learn to herd or play firsbee.

AND now to top it all off. He gets to go boating a few times a month. Yes, boating. This “poor me” dog, who looks like his life is about over everytime we don’t grab the leash on our way out, gets to do things most dogs dream of. Shit, he gets to do things most PEOPLE dream of (again, I wish I got a spa day and had my hair done like he does!).
What you don’t know about Fred is he is terrified of  water. It’s my fault really. A month or so after rescuing him I took him to a friends pool and tossed him in. He HATED it. Won’t go near pools now. Woops.  So imagine him being on a boat surrounded by water.

It took him the first half of the day to warm up (literally and figuratively – he spent the first few hours under my legs, and I was under a blanket… it was freezing – boating in the 30s takes strength).

By the afternoon though he was going back and forth on the boat, laying near his papa and watching him fish – or stretching out in the sun when it warmed up on the back of the boat with me (Uhm, I got a “fantastic” tan btw- and by tan I mean the  half a foot of exposed skin between my knee and socks and my face got completely sunburned).

So since we all can’t lay and sunburn on the back of a fishing boat with a furry friend, enjoy Fred’s first adventure onto Pyramid Lake. We think we are going again this weekend. Hopefully Fred will be even MORE relaxes, and the bite will be better 🙂 OH and Here’s to an even tan this time.




BTW, this is what happens when you spoil your dog a bit tooo much: