Adventures on Pyramid Lake

10 03 2009

Sometimes I feel bad for Fred. He lives in a small 600sq ft apartment. He doesn’t have any doggy friends during the day (yet). He has learned to give the “poor me” eyebrow shift when we leave and he doesn’t come with us.


And then I step back and realize we have one spoiled-ass dog. SURE we live in a small apartment but Fred gets to go to work with his papa everyday (or almost everyday). He gets groomed regularly (uh, I wish I got to go to a spa once a month!), he gets brushed almost daily (again, I wish I had someone come and do my hair for me regularly!), he is played with constantly, he goes to the park MINIMUM once a week (sometimes up to 3 or 4 times a week), we’re looking into taking him on vacation where he can learn to tap into his natural talents and iether learn to herd or play firsbee.

AND now to top it all off. He gets to go boating a few times a month. Yes, boating. This “poor me” dog, who looks like his life is about over everytime we don’t grab the leash on our way out, gets to do things most dogs dream of. Shit, he gets to do things most PEOPLE dream of (again, I wish I got a spa day and had my hair done like he does!).
What you don’t know about Fred is he is terrified of  water. It’s my fault really. A month or so after rescuing him I took him to a friends pool and tossed him in. He HATED it. Won’t go near pools now. Woops.  So imagine him being on a boat surrounded by water.

It took him the first half of the day to warm up (literally and figuratively – he spent the first few hours under my legs, and I was under a blanket… it was freezing – boating in the 30s takes strength).

By the afternoon though he was going back and forth on the boat, laying near his papa and watching him fish – or stretching out in the sun when it warmed up on the back of the boat with me (Uhm, I got a “fantastic” tan btw- and by tan I mean the  half a foot of exposed skin between my knee and socks and my face got completely sunburned).

So since we all can’t lay and sunburn on the back of a fishing boat with a furry friend, enjoy Fred’s first adventure onto Pyramid Lake. We think we are going again this weekend. Hopefully Fred will be even MORE relaxes, and the bite will be better 🙂 OH and Here’s to an even tan this time.




BTW, this is what happens when you spoil your dog a bit tooo much:




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10 03 2009

Let’s see, where to start….

We had beautiful weather this weekend, and my God Daughter, so we took the dogs to this pretty little park we have here called Antrim (I have pics of it from when we took Cayden in the fall on myspace. It’s beautiful.) Tater was SO happy to be out, she kept “smiling” and just loved it. Louie, on the other hand, is happy be an indoor, non exercising dog. And it suits him really. He’s not fat, he’s not hyper, he’s just… an indoor dog, lol. So poor thing, by the end of our walk (we did the lake loop, which is 1.2 miles, which wasn’t bad for us, and I would have done another lap.) But Louie looked like he was about to die. He’s got little legs. I wish, Rowdy, I could take them on a boat. I’ve always wanted a water dog, and more than anything I would like to swim with the dogs, but we’ve got no place to do it. Tater will get in the water if I’m in there (we found this out by taking them to Antrim, and I threw a toy in the water which Tater would not go get. So I waded in to get it, which you’re not supposed to do, but it was right there, and Tater swam up behind me. I didn’t know she came in, so I thought it was a duck or some other water animal, got scared, and fell in. It was a mess) but she won’t go in herself. Louie, again, is an apartment dog, and happy to be dry.

The insurance thing, I’m with you on. I don’t feel safe not having it, and I’m especially pissed that he didn’t find this out before he took the job, since he was offered another job that had better insurance. He’s looking into other jobs still, but that could take awhile, and with Cayden needing to go to the doctor every couple of months at least… It’s just not a good time. I don’t think it’s a matter of cutting back on a few things and we’ll be able to afford it, I think it’s, if we have insurance we won’t be able to eat type deal. I mean we still have hospital bills from when we HAD insurance, and we’re struggling to pay those. So. I dunno. It’s a mess. A huge freaking mess, and had I known it would have been like this… I dunno. I don’t know what I would have done.

I just grew up on things like food stamps and caresource insurance, and while I don’t look down on people who have those things, I didn’t want it to be like that for my kids. And I mean I worry about the kind of doctor we’re going to be able to go too on caresource. I dunno. I loved our pediatrician, and I’m seriously sad that we may lose her. We most certainly aren’t going to be able to see her at the 6th month mark.

The whole bed issue… I’m not a believer in the cry it out method. Sure, when he’s older, and he’s crying because he didn’t get the toy he wanted or something like that, I’ll let him cry. But, Cayden usually has a reason for crying, and especially since he can’t tell me why he’s crying, I don’t want to let him cry it out by himself, and risk that maybe his tummy’s hurting or whatever. I mean, the people who are for cry it out say that your baby learns that when you pick it up when it’s crying that it gets what it wants by crying. But really, why is that such a bad thing? Crying is your childs only means of communication. And people against the cry it out method say that not picking up your child when it’s crying can lead to other social issues.

I just think it was too many changes for him at once. We started feeding him meat (which I don’t think he was ready for, he had tons of gas last night.), we stopped swaddling him, we switched his bed, and we moved him to a different room, all in one night. I’m hoping by moving his crib into our room, that’ll help him get used to the new bed in an environment where he feels comfortable in, and when he’s used to the bed, we’ll move it back into his room, where he’ll hopefully feel better being in a bed that he knows.

10 03 2009

Oh, and about the dog adoption. I know it can be frustrating. I mean you don’t know if the foster mom is exaggerating his hyperness and destructiveness, or if maybe he is devil dog. The best way to find out would be to meet the dog, so I hope she at least lets you do that. I don’t know if you have any “rural” areas out there. I know here we do, and because their shelters are so overcrowded their a lot more lax on the adoption process. Plus, these dogs really are going to die if no one takes them so…

11 03 2009

Hello everyone. CLo I agree with you on the crying it out thing. You just never know if there is something wrong. Yes, I spoiled both my kids lol. But they are both good kids, so that’s not so bad. I did have problems getting my son to sleep in his crib. I had gotten into the habit of putting him in bed with me. Yes Witchy I know you did the family bed thing, but that can be rather inconvient.

Anyway the destructive dog, Rowdy I wish you could explain the destructive stage to my husband, he gets so mad at Ginger when she gets into things. And she’s really not that bad. I do have to make sure the trash is taken out before we go to be or we’ll get up and it’ll be all over the floor. She still has the occasional accident, but she’s holding it alot better. I haven’t done the crate thing. We were given a cage but it’s too big and I have nowhere to put it, and besides I think she’ll be fine without it. But like yesterday we came home and Ginger had torn up a newspaper my hubby left lay on the coffee table. He just thought that was soooo horrible of her!! She probably just got bored not a big deal. Oh and earlier in the day he made a sandwich which her let lay on the coffee table and went to the bathroom. Came out it was gone. Come on that’s just too much temptation there. Then he keeps talking about our Eskimo Spitz we had and how good he was. I remember how horrible he was when he was in his destructive stage. In fact when I got him neutered I asked the vet if it would calm him down any and she laughed. So I knew I was in trouble. But as I said he turned out to be a great dog. I keep telling Ginger she is a “Regal Beagle” and shouldn’t drink from the toilet or dig in the trash haha. She could care less.

Rowdy, yes the lady should let at least let you meet the dog. Sounds like she wants to keep it herself. I had a cat that had 4 kittens, and there was one I really wanted to keep, and everytime someone would come look at them they would want him and I’d make up some excuse. Finally my then MIL was with me when someone came, he was the last kitten left, and my MIL pretty much made me let go of him. If she hadn’t been there I’d never have let those people have him because I didn’t like the car they were driving lol. I used to be such a snob lol.

11 03 2009

Oh and Clo insurance. I don’t know what Ohio has for children’s medical care , but I have both of my kids on a program for school age children. My son is on one for West Virginia. and Kristy for Maryland. my insurance is paid by my company but I have to pay for family members. And the programs I have them on, if I make any more money, I’ll have to start paying the state, but it’s just a small amout. I love it, most doctors take it, you don’t have to go to a “wellfare doctor” and no out of pocket expenses. So check with your local social services, like I said, I don’t know how Ohio is but I think most states are trying harder to make sure all children are insured. And can see a doctor of their choice.

11 03 2009

LoL. I dont want what I said to come across as if I know what I’m talking about. I mean about the kids. You guys are parents and have a way better understanding of your child than I ever will. You know what is right for your kids!!! I never cried as a baby – apparently. I slept through the night at a very early age. Lets just say I started sleeping through the night so early that my mom had to set alarms to get up to feed me. Which is strange cause im 25 (well next month) now and I wake up crying for food throughout the night (just kidding…).

She’s seemed to warm up to me. She was nervous I believe because of the state Rupert seems to be in. Hes hitting that destructibve stage so after she warned me I wrote back (abridged): I raised fred from Ruperts age and he was the worst dog in the world. Belts, Jeans, Toilet paper, Towels, Pillows, Watches. You name it, he chewed it. He also had a habit of herding me. Not only has he grown out of all of these bad habits and been trained out of many of them, he is a mellow happy boy. He plays and has energy but can calm down pretty quickly.

Lara – my best advice is to be stern but not mean. Yelling at a dog does nothing. Well it makes you feel better but believe it or not it has a backward affect on the dog. I admit – when I first got Fred I didn’t know what I was doing. Ive raised dogs but with my parents. I spanked him and would scream at him when he did something wrong and ya know what? It stayed just as bad. When I learned what I was doing had a negative affect, not positive, I stopped, laerned to contorl my temper with him and worked on positive affirmation and exercise. IT WORKED!

If your regal beagle is terrorising the home its due in part to age and the need for work. Beagles are working dogs so she needs a chore. Whether its learning a trick or getting maximum exercise. How long are your walks? A beagle needs minimum 1-2 hours of heavy exercise a day. At least most working dogs do. This means taking her to the park, playing chase and ball for an hour or so, etc. Not back yard playtime. A super long walk and fetch should wear her out. Fetch would actually be a perfect game since she is a hunting dog by trade, right? Another trick that might help would be to get the toys where there is food hidden in it. They have to work to get the food. I used to hide snacks around the house for Fred when I was there too (use carrots or real dog food, not treats… too high in fat). He had to hunt everything down.

Crate training the animal is a good way to prevent damage when you aren’t home and to help them potty train. Dogs dont go where they sleep. You’re actually right about not using a cage that is too big. It doesn’t work. IF you can I suggest buying a smaller cage from petco. Doesn’t have to be the most expensive or best cage. Or go on ebay or craiglist. Im guessing MUCh cheaper that way and on craigslist maybe even free. And you dont want to use the cage as a bad place. They sould feel safe. If you put her in there dont yell at her or scold her. Calmly put her in her cage and ignore her for 20-30 minutes. Then the same person to put her in should take her out. Praise her when you let her out. Not baby talk. Good girl kind of stuff. If she repeats the habit, repeat the cage thing.

You just have to make sure you are the alpha. Calm words. Strong, not stern. YOU have to be the uber confident person. Beagles are smart dogs. They’ll take advantage of someone if they can.

And tell your hubby they grow out of it when they are trained properly. Exercise, games, walks should mellow her out and make her more moldable.


11 03 2009

BTW i thikn a lot of people baby their dogs. I mean I definitely spoil fred and we cuddle him all the time, but caddling the dog at the wrong time can really hurt them. They’re happier when someone is in charge.

When you praise a bad behavoir (say….. they get scared by other people and all you want to do is scoop them up and protect them) they tihnk its ok to do that.

BTW fred still sneaks into the toilet. LoL. Don’t worry.

11 03 2009

hey guys.
i was wondering where everyone one was lol
i’ve been hangin out with my friends and one actually
just left. she was here for her off term from college. and she
had to go back to sign up for classes. i put pix on myspace of our last outing lol
i also wrote two poems. one sort of dark and one really happy one.


Dreams fade, promises break, hope dies
people laugh, people smile, people cry
inside, outside, happiness, sadness, pain
from spouses, children, peers, themselves
thinking, acting, regretting
acting before thinking, regrettig before acting but acting anyway
just like whatever. dismissive.
Dismissive? Dismissing…thoughts, actions, or fears?
kept well hidden, beneath the surface, under the skin, inside the heart
Just a blood pumping organ, or the life source for the soul?
there, not there, broken, strong…what defines it?

11 03 2009

My issues with my dogs is we don’t have any where to take them when it’s cold. It’s not that I don’t want to be cold, it’s that Tater is short haired, and part Chiahuahua, so the cold is not great for her. We’ve gotten her jackets and sweaters, but it doesn’t seem to do any good. I’m hoping this summer we’ll really get out a lot, especially since I plan on taking Cayden out a lot. I think that’s another issue for him. When we were in Memphis and it was warm, we were outside every day, and I think he got tired. Being here, it’s hard to go out in the cold with a baby. So we stay in. And I don’t think he gets as tired.

Moving the crib into our room helped. He slept pretty decently but woke up at four, and I was so out that I didn’t hear him for a little bit, which meant that by the time I got to him, he was awake, and he wanted to play. He didn’t go back down until 5:30, and even then it was a struggle. It’s hard cause I just don’t see this sleep issue ever ending.

12 03 2009

YAY its my mommy’s birthday today. I sent her really pretty flowers and a teddy bear and a balloon lol. Its a milestone bday too. The Big 5.0. Its cool cause I turn 25 in a few weeks too so we get to hit our milestone birthdays together, which is especially fun because we are so close.

I think we’re both a little depressed because I wont be there this year and we can’t celebrate our birthdays together like we wanted to. BUT its ok. I sang my birthday song to her voicemail which made her laugh.

“ITS Somebodies birthday I wonder for who, I know its for someone thats right in this room, so look all aroun dyou for somebody whos smiling laughing and giggiling too. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY, from all of me to you. Happy birthday mommy, from your mommy and daddy too. We congradulate you, for all that you can do, so happy birthday mommy, may all your dreams come true, stand up stand up, kings and queens and bishops too i wanna wish the best to you so wishday washday wednesday birthday, happy birthday TO YOU!”

Yes, I sang ALL OF THAT, as loud as I could at work, into her phone. WOOO. lol.

She has been in the hospital for the past two days. Her sister had a single masectomy but lucky we dont tihnk wil have to go through with any chemo since her lymphnodes look clean. I kind of feel bad – im not close with my moms brother and sister but I am super close with my dads side and my moms parents and noe of my closest friends is my moms cousin (who is more my age). So while I am sad for my moms sister its definitely not affecting me like it would a different family member. I know thats not wrong necessarily because its not like I have ill wishes for them and there are tons of people who aren’t close with their family, but I guess because im so close to everyone else i feel guilty. OH well, thats just the jewish side of the family in me hahahaha.

So today we’re going to the RACETRACK! wooo. Sometimes work feels more like camp than work. We have weekly contests with HUGE giveaways. (Like Kings and Clippers tickets… im waiting for lakers tickets to win lol). And today we are doing a team building day at (check it out!)

Yea. Loving life.

OH and we’re going to meet a foster dog Sunday. Did I mention we’re adopting a second dog? WOOOO

12 03 2009

So last night started out really good with Cayden. We’re really trying to stick to the book about bedtimes in hopes he starts sleeping better. We’ve always had a bedtime routine but we usually waited till Cayden showed signs of sleepyness in order to start it. So now we’re putting him down at the same time every night, whether or not he’s looking sleepy or not. He went down really easily and we dream fed him when we went up ti bed. The problem was I couldn’t fall asleep till 2. Cayden, slept from 10-5 AM, which isn’t bad and while he should be sleeping a total of 12 hours, sleeping through the night is considered 7-8 hours, which he did do. However, when he got up at 5, he wanted to stay awake, just like he did the previous night. He wasn’t unhappy, didn’t cry, but wanted to “talk” He finally went to sleep at 6, but I have issues falling asleep. I used to take sleeping pills, but I can’t take them now, since I need to be able to hear him. So it took me awhile to fall asleep, and then Cayden was up again at 7:30. Again, he wasn’t upset, wasn’t crying, he just wanted to talk. And I got him back down around 8:30, and he was up again at 9 till 9:45, and then slept till 11:45, but I don’t know what to do to discourage him from “talking”. I don’t pick him up, but if I’m not at the crib side patting him (which the no cry sleep solution books say is OK.) he starts to cry, and Jeremy has to be up at 7, so I need to keep him as quiet as possible. It’s so frustrating.

Rowdy happy birthday to your Mom, and I hope meeting the dog goes well!

My Mom is taking Cayden tonight and possibly tomorrow night so I can catch up on sleep. It’s even more frustrating because they say he sleeps fine over there, so I dunno. I need to catch up on sleep and then clean. I’ve been napping when Cayden does so I’m not totally exhausted and the place looks hit.

12 03 2009

Cloey, it’ll get better eventually. My son wasn’t a good sleeper, but he was a pretty good toddler, had a few major tantrums but not like my daughter who was a great sleeper when she was a baby. Then a holly terror when she was a toddler. She just always wanted to run away from me. Drove me nuts. So hopefully Cayden will be easier when he gets older.

Rowdy happy birthday to your mother!! Kristy and my birthdays are 2 days apart, so I guess when she grows up we can celebrate together. Now my pup isn’t too bad. I mean 9 times out of 10 when she’s home alone she doesn’t mess with anything. And if she “goes” in the house it’s usually on the paper I put down for her. Now that it’s staying light out longer I can take her for more walks. Of course I started exercising again. I’ve been bad lately, anyhoo I am walking as part of my workout, but I can only do 10 minutes right now. For some reason my shins start hurting really bad, I mean to the point I can hardly walk. Last year I was starting a walking workout and stopped because of it. I do a warm up first and all I don’t know what it is. I retain water in my legs and last year I thought that was the cause, but the water retention’s not as bad and I’m still getting the pain. Ok back to the pup, my hubby is a yeller and I tell him all he does is make her nervous, and he doesn’t praise good behavior for whatever reason, btw he does take her with him alot, places she can run and play and they were playing “fetch” yesterday. Her tearing up the newspaper was funny, because it was the paper my husband used to swat her with and when she tore it up she left it in a neat pile, not little papers strewn all over the place.

So Janey, good to hear you are getting out more and more. How’s it going with the new guy, any potential there. Have you decided what you are going to do about going to school yourself? (yes I’m playing 50 questions)

12 03 2009

lara –
i havent decided about school yet.
i’ll prolly just end up going to community college

13 03 2009

Laura, have you been checked for Shin Splints? (it may be Shin Splits, I can’t remember.) I know back in grade school when I started running in gym I got them really bad. They kill. You may want to ask your doctor about it.

I dunno if I mentioned it, but we’re taking Cayden to get his 6 month pictures done. Anyone have any suggestions on where to go or how much it’s going to cost us?

13 03 2009

I haven’t gotten professional pics done for awhile. Truthfully I was always happy with Kmart. They used to offer a package for like under $5 and then try to sell you more, I’m sure Walmart has deals like that. Sears maybe?? I’d stay away from the really good studios, unless you want to splurge. They get pricey.

Someone else suggested shin splints to me, said I should strengthen my shins. I wonder if wearing heals all the time causes problems with your shins?? They only hurt when I walk for exercise, not everyday walking.

13 03 2009

Maybe look into a good arch support for walking? I don’t really know how you fix them. I remember getting them and just toughing them out until they didn’t hurt anymore. But I think my friend said she had to go to the doctor for hers.

13 03 2009

lara- i just realized i forgot to answer u about my guy sitiation.
yea it looks promising. his name is Stephon. we are still in the
hanging out as a group stage tho. we’ve only been completely alone twice.
and it ddnt feel awkward at all.

14 03 2009

We’ve scheduled his pictures AND found the CUTEST outfit today. I’m so excited!!!

15 03 2009
monkeyspeaks on phone

hey guys. I’m on my phone so please excuse typos and choppy sentences.

Lara- do you ever stretch you shins before you work out? Most injuries are sue to the fact that most ppl don’t stretch properly before working out. You must must must stretch each mUscle for 30 seconds each. Head to toes. I can’t tell u how on the phone but I’ll try later. Go from your neck to your ankles. Yes. Your ankles. And wrists.

For your shins for now cuz ur hurting stand facing a wall. Place the pad of your foot on the wall and heel on floor. Like your taking a step forwtd. Slowly lean forward toward wall. You should feel a stretch. Clench your butt together for a better stretch.

Yes. Heels damage your muscles. Basically your keeping the muscles ok you calf contracted putting strain on your legs. It shortens your calf muscle and puts strain on ur shin. Mix up the week by finding cute flats you can wear.

And you probably need new shoes. First. Shoes should be swapped every 3-6 months depending on your activity level. Also wear light and supportive. Belive it or not Nike shocks would be bad for you. They add height like heel and since you wear them a lot (heels) you’ll want a more stable shoe. I would get horible shin splints bc of the wrongvhoe and not stretching. Felt a huge difference when got new shoes.

Ok I can’t type On here nemorw LOL. Back later

16 03 2009

Good Monday Morning. How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was busy, busy, busy. We had a big competition on Sunday and I got a video of kristy’s dance team and cheer team. So I’ll have that up on my myspace later. Cheer got 3rd place this time and dance took 2nd. all and all not too bad. This one was at UMBC, (Univeristy of Maryland Baltimore Campus) And it gets pretty big. A lot people and a very long day.

16 03 2009

Hey you guys need to check out the guy’s comment on bedroom blog. Calls himself “happyhubby” rather beligerent there, I told him to crawl back under his rock. And I may have to wait to download the videos off of the cheerleading website, I tried off my DVD and couldn’t seem to do it So I’ll let you know.

17 03 2009

i have no words for him.
like, really? was tht neccesary?

17 03 2009

Good morning!! How is everyone today?

17 03 2009

Good Morning girls.!
whats up??
i think im getting a cold.
this weather change is killin me

17 03 2009

Janey you catch too many colds and stuff. Do you take vitamins. Try some Vitamin C. May help. The weather here is soooo dreary it’s depressing. This is like the 3rd day of it. I saw a program the other day on the benefits of Vitamin D which with everyone’s fear of the sun no one gets enough. See I always said a little tanning is good for you, the sun is the best source of Vitamin D.

Ok, enough of the vitamin lecture, I’m bored I guess. It’s lunch time, so I’m just eating my lunch and rambling on….

17 03 2009

Lara- no i dnt do vitamins, i kno i should. The weather here has been warmin up for a couple of days then it gets really cold again so thts prolly y im sick lol ive never been one to dress appropiately for the weather anyway

17 03 2009

Me either, I hate big bulky coats and stuff lol. I don’t take vitamins either, used to, but the good ones are too expensive along with everything else. The sun is finally coming out here. Supposed to be in the 70’s and sunny out tomorrow and I’m only work 1/2 day yay!!

18 03 2009

We had a nice day today. It was warm. We’ve had a couple of nice days though, that have been nice but chilly. It’s supposed to be nice tomorrow, but then storm and get cold again. I dunno.

It’s been a crazy couple days. My Mom, sister, and I got into a huge blow up fight Sunday. We’re talking now but IDK. I’m kinda over it.

THen I fell. And it’s nothing serious, I think I sprained my finger and possibly my wrist, and I scraped up my knee but… It’s just crazy cuz I’m SO sore, and the ONLY reason I can think of is the fall. And I used to fall all the time, way worse than this one. One time at camp I fell and literally just somersaulted down the hill. It was a rocky hill too and I was OK. I must be getting old.

Rowdy I saw about the dog on myspace. Congrats! I know when we got our second dog it actually made things a little easier. I didn’t feel so badly about leaving them alone as much, and they get a lot of energy out just by playing with each other.

18 03 2009

Yes Congrats Rowdy on the new addition. Looking forward to hearing about it.

Sorry Cloey the olders you get the worse it is when you fall and I should know, I’ve had some major spills lol. When we had our house (we rented not owned) we had hardwood floors and I was scrubbing the stairs, I think I used murphys oil soap and water, and I was carrying down the bucket, slipped on the steps, about 3 or 4 steps up and fell straight to the bottom. Should have seen the bruise on my bottom lol. And the time I fell on the steps leaving work, I somehow went face first. Caught myself just an inch from my nose hitting the sidwalk. Point is the older you get you fall down and ache like someone beat you up for days after. 🙂 I hope you your Mom and sis have everything worked out. Not fun to fight with family.

How’s everyone else??

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