Does Your Country Road Take You Home to a Place You Belong?

24 03 2009

I am a huge fan of Jen Lancaster. I check in on her blog, I follow her on twitter… and I am bouncing in my seat awaiting her arrival at the mall two blocks from my apartment next month. Perhaps I need to stock up on good wine and lure her over with tales of cute puppies, good wine and of course, my own bitterness.

While checking out her blog one day she listed her playlist with a little background on it. I think music gives a lot of insight into who you are. I mean, yes, we all have our shame music – you know – the songs that you try and hide from others… because really, who admits to still loving Nsyncs Bye, Bye, Bye (and maybe knowing part of the dance). Or missing Brittney Spears. And I may or may not still have my Spice girls CD (ever notice, the most embarrassing CDs are the ones that seem to survive the longest? Where o where is that boys II men CD?).

I thought it may be fun to have you all go through your playlists. Jen asked her readers to admit their workout sets, but I figured we could throw out our most listened to songs of all time… For me a lot of songs will bring me back, almost physically, to the times I listened to them the most.

Umbrella/Rihanna – My friend and I were obsessed with this song when it came out. We’d walk around the office saying “ella, ella, ella, ella.” All the time. We shared a desk when it first came out and then he switched into his own office shortly after (his door faced my desk though) and we’d sit and sing along all day long.

If She Wants Me/ Belle and Sebastian – this is one of those “intense moments” songs. Not for any particular reason but I can still “see” the outside of the ATL airport. I got into Belle and Sebastian when I was going to camp and we’d listen to them and OAR non-stop.

Crazy Game of Poker/OAR – see above.

Sugar We’re Going Down/ Fall Out Boy – This single came out right before the Florida/Georgia game. A few friends and I took a road trip out to Jacksonville to stay with her brother. It was the first time the girl who invited me and I really hung out. Whenever I hear this song I think about that crazy weekend.

This Ain’t A Scene/ Fall Out Boy – This song came out when I was getting really into running. Since then it’s become a staple on my work-out playlists. The tempo of the chorus either picks up faster than the rest of the song or just sounds like it but this is my “conditioning song.” I run at a slightly faster pace during this song and kick it into a sprint during the choruses. It’s usually the third to last song on my list (I pick a slower beat for the next song to get back to a jog and then a slow song to cool down to). Fall Out Boy is on my list of “shhhhh yes I like them.”

Meant to Live/ Switchfoot – This song, along with songs found on Drive Thru Records (Taking Back Sunday, The Starting Line) always make me think of Winter in Gainesville when I was 19/20. I was dating this guy and lived in my first apartment. I’d listen to Fuse every morning on TV and, err, eat a bag of Doritos (teehee…) and smoke a stoge and just relax before classes. I can still smell the clean air from the open window and feel how cool it used to get and remember just being content. It also brings me back to all the Friday Night bbqs we had at my then boyfriends house.

Help Me Jesus/ The Toadies – I dontk now if this is the right name for the song but I first heard it driving around in Stuart, Fl while I house-sat for some friends. It was just me and their two dogs and I had a GREAT weekend all by myself. I had just started talking to a guy I’d later date for 4 or 5 months and was really into running still. This is also found on my workout set regularly.

Anything by the Steve Miller Band – My friend and dorm neighbor in college and I would drive to her hometown (Lake Mary… Near Orlando, Fla) and would stop in to see her Dad now and then. Total bachelor so we’d drink our beer and hang out and just laugh and we ALWAYS had Steve Miller Band on at his place.

Better off Dead/Bad Religion – This also brings me back to many a road trip with the same girl.

Welcome to the Real World and Georiga/ John Mayer – I remember when John Mayer first came out. He was innocent, he was cute, he wasn’t a serial celebrity dater. His first single came out right as I graduated high school and was starting college. My parents and I would listen to his debut album whenever we drove back and forth to school. His first single ALWAYS makes me think about that time.

No Rain/Blind Melon – OHHH Kacie and Sarah (road trip girl). Sarah and I lived together for a short sting (summer lease) while I waited for my new apartment and while Sarah’s full time roommate was gone for the summer. We would stay up all night goofin off. Even though I went through my first REAL breakup and was heartbroken, this was the best apartment and roommate combo I ever had. Oh well beside my one bedroom I move dinto a year later (Kace basically spent every night just chillen at that place too). Pink Floyd was also very popular that summer. OHHH college. This song was also my ringtone so now when I hear it I automatically reach for my phone. HAHA.

Thank You/ Boys II Men- I just LOVE this song.

Giant Steps/ Coltraine – I used to sit outside on my back porch my Sr. year of college and would listen to Jazz ALL DAY. Since this song makes me think of my back porch, I also get taken back to Holly and Luigi coming over. We’d sit on the back porch and just take in the great wooded view and cool air and howl along with the dogs. I know you miss that shizzy Hollykins!!!!! Hug luigi for me please.

I could go on and on. While I’ve never been super particular on one song or band for too long and can rarely say I have a “favorite,” music has become as strong of a memory sensor for me as scent is for most people. When I get homesick I just throw on one of the listed (and others) and let myself get carried back to great memories. Perhaps music surrounds happy moments because I tend to shy away from it when I am really low. I think I subconsciously do that so I can’t ruin any good memories. Weird? Maybe.

What about you guys. List a handful of songs that have a tendency to throw you a memory overload.



26 responses

24 03 2009

I’m getting ready to go home but I’ll get back to you on this. I love music and I do have my favs. Of course, as I may have mentioned before, my very fav band is from Jacksonville. FL Lynyrd SKynyrd.

24 03 2009

Old Skool:
Any backstreet boys song – Because when I was 13 I became majorly obsessed with them. I mean, MAJORLY. And so now, pretty much any song I hear from them reminds me of that. 8th grade was pretty much the best year of my childhood, and that’s when it all started. So hearing songs remind me of things from that year, including endless sleepovers with my cousin, doing garage sales to raise money for bsb tix, going to their concerts, watching their concerts…

Have you Ever by Brandi- Cause this was everyone’s angsty cry themselves to sleep song. I used to listen to it and sit on our roof (which my mom forbid me to do) and think of whatever boy I just KNEW I was in love with at that moment.

Operator- Jim Croce: makes me think of all the friends I’ve lost, and whether or not it was worth it.

Want too- Sugarland: Makes me think of the jackass that I dated while living with Crazy (in a bad way) Cindy. Also, how to save a life, because when he broke up with me, that reminded me of him.

Pour Some Sugar on Me: Will always remind me of Aaron, the first jerk I ever fell in love with, and had sex with. As much as he hurt me, some nights were great, driving along the river a little too fast, with the radio on a little too loud, wind surfing with my hand, a dangerous boy next to me. Yeah, that OK.

She Will Be Loved Maroon 5: Reminds me of Jason. Endless nights on the phone with him. My best friend who married someone else…

More recent ones (recent in experience I mean):

Edwin McCain I could not ask for more: Takes me back to the middle of my pregnancy when I thought this was the best it would get. I was totally happy with being pregnant (hadn’t gotten to the uncomfy parts yet) I was totally content.

With You Chris Brown: I need you boo, gotta see you boo… Back when I was convinced Cayden was a girl. The song still reminds me of him, as well as Colbie Calet’s Capri (Cayden’s name would have been Tegan Capri, if he were a girl.)

Bubbly Colbie Calet: Reminds me of dancing in the kitchen with Sarah (18 months old) when I was a nanny.

The Luckiet Ben Folds Five: The song I walked down the aisle too, will always remind me of that day, love that song.

Cayden’s pictures are up. To look at them you have to go to, go to private galleries, and the password is lerwin. Let me know what you think/which is your favorite.

25 03 2009

Ok, the songs…

Total Eclipse of the heart (the one by Bonnie Taylor, I think her name was) used to make me cry over my first love everytime I heard it.

Big Balls – ACDC – always makes me think of driving around with friends, stoned singing as loud as we could lol

Lick It Up – Kiss _ same thing driving around with friends stoned 🙂 (ok, I was a bit wild as a teen!!)

Old Skynyrd songs (ones you don’t hear on the radio) always make me think of how I used to listen to my albums for hours at a time, yes records the big black things you used a turn table to play 😉

There is an old Kool and the Gang song, Can’t think of the name, but you heard sea gulls in the song and it always reminded me of when my first husband when we were dating we went to the beach and I had the time of my life, we heard that song for the first time there. Of course HE had to ruin it by wanting to go home a day early 😦

Def Leopard’s ummm it’s one of the latest albums (CD’s) put out, maybe the last. Reminds me of when me and my now hubby were dating, we used to ride around country roads listening to it.

Ok I’m going to stop because I could go on and on.

Rowdy you still off the cigs?? I’m going to try to quit again. Cigs in Md just went up another $1 a pack and supposed to go up again next month. I’m not paying $6 or more for a pack of cigs, forget it!!

Cloey I’ll check out the pics in a bit and let you know which I like.

25 03 2009

so the new topic is music?
hmmm. my fav. i too beliebe that music is a huge part of who we are or at least help defines who we are. i personally dont really listen to english music that much. im always listening to spanish music lol but when i do listen to it i always like

no air- chris brown and jordin sparks

unappreaciated- cherish

mercy- duffy

and i kissed a girl and hot n cold- katy perry

25 03 2009

Alright Clo, I’m not much help. I love them all lol. but my favs are

Told you I’m not much help too many to pick from

25 03 2009

Cherish that’s the name of the Kool and the gang song!! Thanks Janey:)

25 03 2009

wait. i couldnt get on the site. i need help…
i wanna see the pics :[[

nd wht did i help with? im confused lol

25 03 2009

My comment on the music a song that was kind of “our song” me and my ex hubby, from Kool and the Gang. I couldn’t think of the name of the song and I saw in your comment “Cherish” and I remembered that was the name of the song I was trying to think of. I’m rambling I know, been doing alot of that lately, especially when I leave a voice mail for someone, I just ramble on and on …

Click on the link up there Janey, if it doesn’t go, copy and paste it into your browser, then look for “private studio” it’s at the bottom of the page. Click and it asks for a password, which cloey has up there. Just type that in and Caydens pics come up.

25 03 2009

Cloey they are all GORGEOUS.!
his eyes are soooo beautiful!!
they are so blue.
he’s so cute <33

26 03 2009

Aww thanks, I love them. I want them all, lol. Too bad they’re like uber expensive (25 dollars a sheet!) We get a 25% discount, but that’s still 18 bucks a piece, and how many you get depends on the size you order (1 8×10, 2 5×7’s, ect.) We may order 3 of them, 2 we’ll pay for, one we’ll get free.

26 03 2009

its official.!
we are now a couple.

26 03 2009

aw yay

26 03 2009

Great Janey!! I’m sooo happy for you 🙂

26 03 2009

I’m really upset right now. As you all know, Jeremy quit/lost his job. One of the main requirements for a new job was that he’d have insurance. I can do without insurance, and so can Jeremy, but with all of Cayden’s well baby checks, plus with him being so little an emergency might pop up and I just wanted him to have insurance. However, it’s not a HUGE deal if he didn’t get insurance – we could get on Healthy Start or Care Source (medicaid basically) for Cayden. I wanted this to be a last option, as I don’t think our pediatrician accepts medicaid. And I love our pediatrician.

So when Jeremy took this job, he told me they had insurance and we were good (he had two job offers, the other one paid less at first but had an opportunity to get more money and to move up, and had insurance. The one he took paid more in the start, had insurance, but no real way to advance.) He, of course, didn’t think to ask what kind of insurance, what the coverage was, or how much it cost. We found out it’s super crappy, super expensive, and really just not worth it. I was pissed, because Jeremy just often doesn’t think about the bigger picture.

So I talked to him about getting on Healthy start or WIC or something. He told me he’d call them. I didn’t want to call with Cayden screaming in the background, and while I could call him while Cayden’s napping, I usually use that time to eat, do housework, that kinda deal. Jeremy said he’d call. I left it up to him.

Then he told me to wait, because he had this awesome new job offer with really good, affordable insurance. He was CONVINCED that he’d get the job, he was CONVINCED he’d start before April, which means we’d have coverage for Cayden’s first appointment. He told me not to worry about it.

Well, they told him last week that they did his background check and checked his references, and he was good. They wanted to give him an interview. They said they’d call and schedule it. They didnt call, and he called multiple times to find out what was going on. Finally he called a different lady (he did a phone interview with her at first, and when he passed that, she passed on his information to someone local.) Turns out, they’re not hiring anymore. So we’re not going to get insurance. Cayden’s appointment is a little over a week away. It can’t be postponed, he needs his shots.

Jeremy doesn’t want to talk about it. Yet he keeps saying every time I bring it up that “We’ll figure something out” Which is what he’s been saying since Feb. when we lost our insurance. It’s not like Cayden’s appointment is two months away anymore. Now I’ve looked into Healthy Start and WIC myself, and while I’m pretty sure we qualify, I can’t fill out the paperwork cause it needs a bunch of information that I don’t know, and even if I have Jeremy fill it out tonight and send it in, it’s still not going to come through in time to get Cayden’s insurance paid for.

So, now Jeremy’s big plan is to use our old insurance card and not tell them that we’re not covered by them. And we’ll deal with the bill when it comes. Um, hello, NO. Isn’t that insurance fraud for one? Secondly, even if it works, which I doubt it will, when they find out about it, we’re not going to be able to go back there.

I’m just so upset and frustrated.

26 03 2009

Deep breath Cloey or 2 or 3. Worst case senerio you can probably take Cayden to a clinic for his shots. I know, but it’s not as bad as it sounds. Get your paperwork filled out and call your peditrician and let them know what’s going on. It will probably be ok to postpone a week or 2 and they may work out a payment schedule with you. I know most doctors are pretty strick about getting payments upfront, but you never know. (I need to get a endoscopy done, and they won’t even schedule it till I pay the $30 co-pay, which I want to wait to have it done anyway) Also talk to the “medicaid” place and see how soon you’ll know. With the new health care plans in the works, children can get coverage pretty easy. Tell them he needs his shots, that should help push it through or they may recommend a place to go for shots. I know the paperwork for those things are a pain in the ass. I almost lost Kristy’s coverage because I have to reapply every year and I forgot to fill the damn form out, she has the school age state insurance plan, but I called them and they were real nice, just said to get it in ASAP. I did and no problem. And I know the government is working on getting something in effect to make healthcare affordable for everyone. Some kind of government insurance I think, and it will compete with the regular insurance companies so hopefully the rates will drop. My company pays for me but not my family, so that’s why I have Kristy on the State thing, and Richie, since he lives with his grandmother he automatically qualifies for the West Virginia state insurance for school age children. But my hubby is uninsured, which was bad when he had his stroke, over a year ago. I managed to get him temporary medicaid to cover those expenses because they were so high. So I’m rambling again, but anyway just take a deep breath and do what you have to do. Btw, most physcians in Maryland except medicaid and the school age child thing, but not the dentists for some reason. So I have to take Kristy to a dental clinic, which I snobbed my little snobby nose to at first, but I just loved the dentist that she had, he was just great with kids, but he left. My point was that hopefully your peditrician will except it. Good luck.

26 03 2009

I don’t mind taking Cayden to a clinic because it’s a clinic. I mean, I’ll admit, I don’t love the idea, but… If it has to be done, it has to be done. However, I really really really don’t want it to get to that point. For one, I love Cayden’s pedi, and i had like, a billion questions for her. And I mean, I know he’s only 6 months, but she has seen him since he was born, so she knows his entire history and we’re on the same page about a lot of things.

I called and they won’t take payments. It’s up front of not be seen. But then I was confused too, cuz I asked how much it would cost if we paid out of pocket. And the lady said they wouldn’t know until after the appointment, because it depends on his shots (she said they were a little about 14 dollars each) and then she said since we didn’t have insurance, they’d charge us on a sliding scale type deal, and it’d be 40-60 dollars for the appointment.

I’m worried though cuz she sounded iffy like she didn’t know for sure. And if that’s all it is, we could pay out of pocket for this one visit, and hopefully have insurance for the next visit. But I don’t want to show up and not have the money. But then I was thinking she said they wouldn’t know till after the appointment, and if I don’t have the money then what are they going to do if he’s already been seen?

And we can’t postpone his shots anymore. They’ve already been postponed. He’s 6 months this Saturday, and he’s not going in to get his shots till like a week later. They pushed back his four months, which means they pushed back his six months, and then they had to push back his 6 months even more because they didn’t have any open dates, and then when they did it was a weekend, and they don’t take appointments on a weekend unless you want to pay a fee.

26 03 2009

CLO – I don’t know if this helps but… I know with my meds and stuff, because im not on HI right now (soon… sooon hahaha) if i have to get a prescription i pay out of pocket and then they refund me the money if i can show them proof of insurance within 30-60 days or something like that.

I dont know if it works the same with doctors but if it does then at least you can pay out of pocket what you HAVE to to stay with your preferred ped and then get the money refunded to you when insurance kicks in? That way you can apply for what you were talking about now and even though it’ll take 30 days to start (right? or longer?) and work it out with the insruance and doc to get the money refunded afterward?

27 03 2009

Getting reimbursed may work with medicaid. Idk, I think Ohio is different than Maryland. Maryland as I;ve said is very easy to get kids healthcare. Btw, I was complaining about cigs going up, well the excise tax the state put on them is for the Children;s Health care plans, so it is a good thing they are doing. And they put an excise tax on beer and I guess Liquors too, that tax is going to domestic violence places. Kind of funny because drunkeness is a leading cause of domestic violence so there you go.

27 03 2009

SOOOO Im starting to get really scared guys. There may be TMI in here so just a warning
Long and Short of it….

Last month my cycle lasted a lot longer than normal… I kept my BC in because I was trying to get into a schedule where I skipped Aunt Flow (which wa doc approved) but got frustrated that my cycle just seemed to last longer because it was in and took it out. Lets say like 10-14 days worth of AF.

I couldn’t start my BC right away and didn’t want to raelly throw my body out of wack since I used a once monthly ring and figured I would just put it in next cycle like normal and just watch my “body clock” and be careful.

WELL we weren’t as careful as I would have liked (although I’ve been on BC since I was 13 for health reasons so i mean, this shit is ingrained in my system hahaha) and if I had a normal mentstral period our “oops” was a few days after my “danger” days.

Since Im ABOUT a 30 day cycle I expected to get it around the 22 (normally the 20th but feb is 2 days short and I put everything into an ovulation calculator so Id have a better idea). Ive been late before and been ok but im getting nervous now. I took a test on either the 23 or 24 (EPT… Don’t they say you can take it immediately after your first missed day?) and it came out negative but now its the 27th and no real signs (of either).

I keep thinking IM gonna get it (you know that feeling that has you dashing to the bathroom every few hours cause you’re convinced that THAT was it starting? Yea,… like i feel like that right now but I already checked and know its not) but i never do.

SOOOO… i am gonna take another test today after we do this office birthday thing but im really bugging.

I know stress can affect you (which is part of why I took one in the first place, figuring if i saw negative then i’d calm down) and i did calm down a little but now anxiety is flairing its ugly head again.

What do you guys think? *btw can’t go to a doc cause i dont have insurance yet* and the last thing in my life that would be ok right now is pregnancy.

27 03 2009

Took second test. also negative

28 03 2009

Goldie…I’d bet you’re ok. I will go YEARS without missing a period, then, out of nowhere, I’ll skip one and be late for the second, freaking myself out in the process – all for nothing. I’ll just start, and then be regular for another long while. Besides stress, being sick can throw off my cycle; it’s happened like that before in my case. You took 2 tests that read negative, so that’s very encouraging. When does your insurance kick in? I know that feeling of “Ohhhhhh, SHIT!” Not a comfortable feeling to worry about it, hugh? Have you told your guy?

Btw…I’ve been trying to comment on Bedroom Blog ever since I read all the latest bitching and whining tonight; it won’t even take a couple of sentences for me. It’s frustrating because I’m acually feeling grouchy & tired enough to respond to that repetitive nagging. Although, you said everything that needs saying, Goldie…I love reading your responses. Makes me smile every time. I’ll try again tomorrow, (unless I lose interest by then, and/or my response would be repetitive).

Let us know what’s going on with the red river.

Take care.

28 03 2009

Rowdy, yea 2 negatives don’t freak. I’m sure your fine. If it makes you feel better check to see if there is a clinic that does free checking, that might be more accurate. And going off the BC can mess up your cycle so don’t worry about it.

28 03 2009

Oh I’ve got to go check out Bedroom Blog 🙂

28 03 2009

Oh Bedroom Blog updated, Yea, Rowdy you said it all to the bitchers. I swear I think Cosmo likes to read our little spats lol.

28 03 2009

Rowdy- My guess is with two false negatives, it’s probably just negative. However, while they say you CAN take it the day of your missed period, or some even like a week before your period is due, the stats of an accurate test go down, because it takes a little bit for the Hgc (I think that’s what it’s called) the hormone level to build up in your system. With Cayden I tested and got a negative at first. Then when I still hadn’t gotten mine, I tested again and got a positive. Are you taking the test with your first morning pee? Are you not downing liquids Juno-style?

If you’re really worried, go to the doctor, request a BLOOD test. If that’s negative, then you’re most def. not pregnant.

However, I would have to say now, with two negatives, chances are you’re not. False negatives are a product of testing too early. And most often, false positives aren’t really false, chances are you were pregnant but lost the baby (and this happens probably more than thought.)

30 03 2009

sorry i havent been on lately. laptop crashed so im at the library. priolly will get it fixed today.

Rowdy- dont freak. ur probably not preggo.

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