Call me Joe Hottie

20 04 2009

LoL. Couldn’t help it. Just visited the site and saw some comments and was like yea, that’s usually why I don’t post. Laziness. Sorry guys. But I’m at least honest about it (OO, too soon? Hahaha).


It’s funny. As I write this, I have a voice whispering in my ear (and by that I mean a friend IMing me) trying to encourage me to write professionally.


My whole literary life has been nicked and banged. Probably much the same as any Joe Schmoe, but I’ve hesitations all the same. I swear, this isn’t some, convince me to write a book. Honestly, I will one day. I know what to write about. But I have the attention span of George Bush and don’t know if it’ll ever actually get finished.

See, couldn’t even finish my original thought there. I’ve always wanted to write. I started writing two sentence stories for my grandmother. Of course, she was obligated to think I was the next Pulitzer winner. In tenth grade my writing style was shot down by a teacher who said I wrote too much like a journalist. I wanted to be one at the time. But after a 2 year internship with the Miami Herald I figured it wasn’t my niche.


Then a friend won a literary contest with a title I came up with for a band. Barbie Doll Heads and Nursery Rhymes. Even though I was happy I could help (even unknowingly) and knowing it was more her writing that won the awards, I felt a bit cheated. I also felt like I would never write up to par to the hipsters in making that I ran around with. You know the type? Hippy high school kids who are all into writing and photography. Whether it was because the literary magazine supervisor and I didn’t get along, or what, my work was never used. Why bother at that point. (I swear, this isn’t some lets pity me thing lol).


In college I became an English Lit major. I could bang out a paper the night before it was due and guarantee myself at least a B+. I went from a 2.7 to a 3.6 by graduation all after I became an English Lit major. And its fitting. I always want a say in everything. Im a wordy person. My college friends continue to joke about that. If I tell a story in under three sentences they’re amazed.



So yea, that’s where I am now. I guess eventually I’ll get a paper journal and just start scribbling and maybe one day it will turn into work.



I was going to use this post to write about my week. The vacation to Orcas Island. How funny my family is. The whirlwind of this past weekend. My sunburned back. But now, my ADD has kicked in. And I should probably get to work. Till next time…



5 responses

21 04 2009

You’re a funny girl-woman, Goldie. See, even though you’re chronologically, and in many practical ways, a woman…I think you’re one of those people who will always be part kid-at-heart. With some people, it just shines through…and it’s so nice to be around. Especially when that youthful quality is combined with a mature sensitivity to the natures/feelings of others. That’s the thing about children/young people that can get tiring and/or exasperating at times: they are innately self-centered…everythng revolves around them. Of course, this is normal and just a part of “growing up”…assuming said children mature into individuals with the capacity to relate to others’ experiences/feelings/difficulties. I think most people make it past that milestone, (if there is such a thing), sooner or later. Anyway, I like your sense of fun, and also your ability to understand people. I also see those same qualities in Cloey and Sweetlara; you’re each quirky, (in a very positive sense), in your own way. Very individual, I guess is what I’m saying.

Take care.

21 04 2009

typo on “everything”…you know how it bugs me when I do that.

21 04 2009

P.S…Joey hasn’t been very “hot” lately; why can’t Cosmo find a halfway reliable male to fill this position? You wouldn’t think it would be THAT hard. Getting ridiculous, at this point.

21 04 2009

Rowdy you ever get a book written, I’ll def buy it and read it. I think you have a gift of writing. Joe Hottie, I really think they should go fiction with the blog. I know that sucks in a way, but it may be more reliable. Not like Diary of He on Redbook, but something more realistic. I guess it’s hard to write about sexual escapades with a woman he is really starting to care about. Well Cosmo had a good idea with that, just not panning out.

21 04 2009

That’s right…I’d buy it too, Goldie.

Take care.

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