Cough Syrup and Four-Legged Nurses

18 10 2009

Hey everyone.

I’m sorry so much time has gone by since my last posting. Although I promise a valid reason.

I have been in and out of the hospital for the past month or so. I know right. WTF? That’s what we are all saying.

About 5-6 weeks ago I came down with what I thought was a very bad cold. After the cold decided to get worse we figured I had a flu. The flu stuck with me for a week and by the end of the first week I could barely move the body aches were so intense. I honestly thought I had swine flu or something. Fevers started low but constant and after a week of suffering the fevers started hitting 102 and I couldn’t take it anymore. I do not have a primary over here yet so I begged Alex to take me to the ER.

After a few hours of laying in a room they told me they needed x-rays. What they saw was way beyond what I thought. Turns out I had a severe pneumonia and was only using about 10% of my right lung and there was a possibility I had a pulmonary embolism (aka a P.E. or blood clot in my lung). I wound up spending the night in ER where they ran test after test. By 5:00 a.m they decided I needed a CT scan to officially rule out the clot and I would be staying for another day or two. The CT scan came up clear but beacuse I was so dehydrated and the pneumonia so advanced they kept me in the hospital on heart monitors for a week.

Eventually I was let out. And the next two weeks I struggled to get better. They say it could take months to get over what I had, so I wasn’t surprised at my complete lack of energy. Last week I finally pulled out of it. I was feeling better. More optimistic about everything, started looking for work again.

I felt so good I set my alarm for 6:00 a.m. a few days ago so I could get up and work out. As soon as my alarm went off I knew something was very, very wrong. I felt like crap. My whole body was on fire (all my joints get inflamed when I get bad infections and its ridiculously painful) and my chest was so tight it could squeeze a diamond out of a rock. The cough was worse too. No fever this time but something was up.

I called the internist who oversaw my recovery in the hospital and who is absolutely amazing. He doesn’t have a private practice but has taken all of my calls to his personal number whenever I have a question or concern. He told me he would meet me in ER. Not to wait. Because of my medical history the past month or so, he wanted to get me started on treatment immediately. SO I drove back over to my second home, was greeted my my Nurse Practitioner (who now knows me on a first name basis….erm….) and went back through the tests.

The good news was, after several hours in the ER I was released. I didn’t have pneumonia. The Bad news? I have Bronchitis and am on bed rest again. Fun times.

I will write as soon as my motivation returns. A lot of fun things did happen while in the hospital and there were some very funny moments. But i’ll save those for when I can accurately describe them without drooling on my keyboard.

K guys, I’m on very strong cough syrup – my parents and I joke around and call it white lighting, even though it is purple… But it’ll loop you up and knock you out as fast as lightning.

Laura, I caught a snippet of your last comment. I am so sorry you are going through something as horrible as what it seems. Feel free to email me. I can promise a coherent answer, but really, that may help. Who doesn’t enjoy a giggle after conversing with a friend on cough syrup (well a friend who is prescribed it and taking it for valid reasons… i’m told im very quirky and silly when I’m medicated). And CloRida. I hope the birthday party went well. I’m so sorry I havent been around. And of course Witchy – I hope all is well with the boys and their respective sports are going well.

TO my other followers. Thanks for sticking around. Hopefully this will be the last illness I experience for a while. I’ll be getting a CPC to find out why my immune system is so weakened and why my lungs have been so susceptible to infection.

Best wishes to all. And for a good laugh email me. If you are lucky it will be right after I’ve taken my meds and you’ll be in for some entertainment.


oh yea, and pictures of my experience to come as well.