Why We Paint

We are an ecclectic mix of women from across the country. I got the name Water Color for Beginners from a design I adore. What do you think about when you think about water colors? I start at my childhood. Painting in the breakfast room on sunny afternoons. Rocks holding my masterpieces down outside. My dog running all over them. Ruining them. Enhancing them. It would all be in the eye of the beholder.

The colorful footprints she left in the kitchen were less than art to my mother and a thrill for myself and my young brother at the time.

As I got older water color became more. It was part of history, painting tales of the past. It became an art medium my younger brother used as he explored his own place in the world as a young artist. It was the technique used for some of my favorite paintings. It is a way to express color, separate and together… running down a page creating something new.

So I decided Watercolor for Beginners would be where we all start. A form of art everyone can appreciate, from 6 to 60. Whether it is framed on your wall or tacked on with a magnet. It’s an ecclectic mix of colors that come together to create something beautiful – whether you are a master of the brush or a beginner.
Welcome to the page ladies and readers. Feel free to paint your own personality into Watercolor for Beginners. Let’s create something wonderful.

Please note, while I do hold the big brush, I want everyone to share in the fun. EMAIL ME and feel free to contribute to the big picture. I will do my best not to censor anything or edit anything (unless asked…). If there is something questionable sent to me I will put it to a democratic vote (via survey or something). There is no theme. We will learn as we go. This isn’t Paint by Numbers. It’s a free-for-all Watercolor.

This blog is set at R. 17 and above. I ask everyone who comments and reads keep an open mind. I do not want anyone to feel like they have to walk on eggshells.


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